Things To Do in Retirement

Have you really thought about things to do in retirement? How will you spend your time as a retiree? Do you already know how you will spend all that free time?

This is a very important aspect of your retirement planning. You won't enjoy your free time if you haven’t given it any thought before you quit full time employment. Think about it now so you can begin dreaming real dreams, as well as planning for any related expenses.

Perhaps you will spend your first year organizing your home, gardening, and all those home things you never had time or energy for while you were working. (Be sure to provide a budget for this in your retirement plan.)

But you may lose interest once your home is perfectly organized and decorated.

What then?

Make a list of things to do in retirement that interest you now so you can refer back to it later.

Make sure you budget for those hobbies and activities that will cost money.

If you decide not to pursue the hobbies you chose, you will still have money set aside that you can use for new hobbies, or whatever you find you want to do.

Retirement Hobby in Art

golden light behind tree

Things to do in Retirement: Are Your Plans in Sync with Your Spouse's

If you are married, you and your spouse must talk about this so that you aren't trying to go in different directions when you are both retired.

You both need to understand the combined financial needs for your future plans, hobbies, and pastimes, and be somewhat in agreement.

For example, you can't plan to indulge your green thumb in the garden, or other things at home if your spouse expects that you'll be traveling a lot.

More Hobbies and things to do

Take a Tour of Lighthouses

Carolina blue sky behind a lighthouse

Check out the UNC directory of lighthouses for ideas on which to visit.

Volunteer Ideas for a meaningful life

Become a Nomad - The RV lifestyle

More Family Time

More Things To Do in Retirement

Hobbies You May Like

  • Start a club: book club, sewing or quilting club, weekly game of cards, chess or other game, or just a weekly girl's/guy's lunch or dinner. You could even choose something active, tennis for example, and get in some exercise fun.
  • Learn to sew, knit or crochet and make your own clothes, curtains or quilts. Double good because it saves money, too.
  • receipt with coupons
  • Become a Coupon Expert and save money on grocery shopping. Even a beginner can easily save $100 on groceries just by clipping a few coupons, choosing the right day to shop, and checking the store's website for specials. Search for "coupon mom" to learn more about it. See my results (image) and on the Tips for Frugal Living page.

  • Become an expert on the city where you live. Explore all it has to offer instead of just traveling to far off places. Have you visited the museums and galleries in your town? What types of recreation spots have you enjoyed? Which have you not tried yet? For example, I recently took my grandson to a community swimming pool I had forgotten about, and we had a great time!
  • Take a tour around the country focused on family. Take out a map and plot all the destinations where people in your family live. Plot a course to stop and visit everyone for a day or two. Take your favorite family album with photos of them. You never really get to see the photos others took of you, right?

A Few Money Saving Hobbies

  • Plant a vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit trees or bushes. Better yet, if you like to grow things, turn this hobby into a source of income.
  • Learn to freeze or can your own produce, or experiment with cooking or baking that you never had time for. Learn to make jelly, or your own barbeque sauce, or maybe pickles. Perfect your pastry skills.
  • How to downsize or get spare cash: Sell stuff on Ebay
  • Think about your favorite topics that you know a lot about and start your own website. (Contact me if you want to know how mine was built.)

More Things To Do in Retirement Ideas

smilebooks image

  • Get your DNA profile and study your family. Search for "23 and me" to find out more.
  • Write your autobiography or family history and publish it in E-book form.
  • Start a family chain letter project. Send a family story or letter along with a name and address for a relative to someone you don't see very often. Have them do the same. Or share it via email and setup a chat group to meet and catch up.

  • Take up target shooting or archery. You can find ranges that offer monthly memberships that cover everything you need. Safety glasses and hearing protection are included where we go.

  • Learn something new. I just learned to decorate cakes with fondant. It wasn't as hard as I thought and now I can make great cakes, like this one!

racing theme cake decorations

Retiree Things to Do: Live Your Bucket List

For more ideas, see Cat's bucket list and other ideas for things to do.

Live Your Bucket List

Plan some individual hobbies for your retired days so that you and your spouse have new things to share with each other. If you're doing everything together, you won't have as much to talk about.