About Me and My Retirement Story

This website is part of my retirement story, and all about what I have learned as I work through my own retirement planning, as well as a collection of information I think may be valuable to other real people like me.

My background is Computer Science and by the time I decided to retire I was in the middle of studying for a Master's degree.

I'm not a financial planner, but I have spent the past 5 years reading dozens of books on retirement and financial planning and consulting experts, as I actively plan for my own retirement.

Not everyone has the time or interest in this much research, so I hope by summarizing key information on this website, I can help others make sense of this complicated subject.

I have been obsessed with retiring for the last several years, and I finally quit my job working on computer systems in November 2011.

It is going great! The plan is working well as we start into 2015. (Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?)

I'm willing to settle for a modest lifestyle if it means I can make my own schedule, pursue my many interests, and visit my family more than I'm able to with the typical corporate vacation benefit.

You can read details of my retirement story on the diary pages where I describe retirement progress, milestones, and experiences.

Things I'm doing with my free time include managing this website, spending tons of time with family, especially our young grandson, making pottery on my wheel and kiln, getting more exercise for my health, and reading lots of good books.

If I decide I want to buy something special, maybe I'll do IT consulting work part-time. But, my plan is working well so far, so we may not need to do part-time work.

I Retired to Get Healthier

One of my reasons for wanting to retire is to focus on better health. I have to deal with arthritis pain almost daily, and that makes working full-time a real challenge.

In case you don't know about arthritis and pain management, the best thing for them is less stress and lots of rest. These are difficult to achieve with a high-stress IT career. (I talk about this topic in this website, too.) The extra exercise has helped this problem, too. Here's an update on how that's going and how changing my diet provided amazing relief.

That's a little bit about my retirement story, now I would love to hear yours, so please see the section below and share your thoughts, dreams, and plans!

All My Best,