Retirement Stories By Real People

We want to hear more retirement stories by real people. This is the place!

Do you have a plan yet, or have you already retired and want to share your valuable experience? Below are stories by and about other real people that may inspire you or offer lessons to warn you.

Even if your story is a sad one, you might be able to help others be prepared in case it happens to them or so that it won't.

Or maybe you discovered something that surprised you.

Tell us about that!

What have you observed about people you know who are retired?

Parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc.

On Surviving Mom's Retirement

Our newest story from Nicki is about how she coped with her mother's retirement.

I'm sure many of us can relate to this experience.

Best Retiree Story

My Aunt Jo and Uncle Jimmy are my role models because they have done so many fantastic things while retired. Click this link to read their story: Best Retirement - Aunt Jo and Uncle Jimmy

Ideas and Tips from Other Retirement Stories

retirement money

This retiree budget and income example comes from Deb and Jack, who are openly and generously sharing their financial details for the benefit of others.

Retiree Budget and Income Shared By Real People


My Aunt Lorraine's story has several ideas and an important social security benefits tip. You might also enjoy the "vintage" photos!

Ideas from Lorraine's Story

This teacher has a plan for a retiring later, as long as the kids behave:

Debbie's Real People Story

Sarah's story shows why we need to plan for things to do when we retire, as well as planning financially:

Adjusting to Retired Life

The time they planned for has come, but is it really the best time to retire?

Is now the right time? Jack and Sheryl's story

This retired business man found the best way to spend time in retirement.

Best Way to Spend Time: With Grandchildren

This story is from a retired office worker who is now excited about learning a new career and working again.

Jan's Story - Working in Retirement

Sometimes life gets in the way of the best plans to retire. Here is the story of an unexpected early retirement.

Early Unexpected Buyout

Real Stories - Divorce and Retirement

After a 48 year marriage, the unthinkable can still happen. How divorce affected one woman after many years in retirement.

Nann's Story - Retiree Divorce

More Retirement Stories by Real People

Mr Sharm's Decision

When Mr. Sharm retired, he did it all for a while, but he didn't enjoy a "Dream Retirement" so he found a new job, sort of.

Anonymous Person Shares Tips on Savings to Retire

After a long career with the Civil Service, this lady retired with 27 years of service. She offers advice for others planning to retire:

Shirley's Retirement Story

Joey's Friend Rick: No Retirement Plan

John's Parents and Their Retired Difficulties

Unexpected and Unplanned

Early - and Unexpected Retirement

Another Reader Submitted Story and Bucket List

Stephanie's story about how real life can mix up the best laid plans.

And Cat's Bucket List along with ideas for yours.

Do you have a story that might help others in their life decisions?

Some lessons from these stories:

  • Nurture your marriage
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Save for your future

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