"Depression" self-test


There are numerous tests, especially on the Internet, which can be carried out anonymously and quickly. They can also be obtained from appropriate facilities or from a doctor. Usually they do not consist of a particularly large number of questions. There are usually between 10 and 20 questions. These are rather general and do not go into detail.

There is hardly any other information required, such as age or gender. You have the option of 4 or 5 different answers. Choose from "never" to "always". As an example, a question: Do you feel in a good mood in the morning? and then you have possible answers like: mostly / always, often, sometimes, rarely / never. <
The possible answers are only very rough and general, which is why you should see the test result as a guideline, but a visit to the doctor is still very important if you suspect the illness of depression.

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Tests for different groups of people

Test for children and adolescents

Depression is a serious illness and is not uncommon in children and adolescents. Therefore, the diagnosis of depression should definitely be made by a psychologist or psychiatrist specializing in children and adolescents. However, using tests on the Internet can help to get a rough idea of ​​the situation and to find your way to a doctor. The following questions are important:

  • Is the child often sad or in a bad mood? How often does the child laugh?

  • Are you often tired and listless? Are there any sleeping problems?

  • Is the child withdrawn and neglecting hobbies and other interests that they have enjoyed in the past?

  • Are there feelings of guilt, feelings of inferiority or feelings of hopelessness and indifference?

  • Are you having trouble concentrating?

  • Does the child have thoughts of harming themselves or even killing themselves?

Children who have not yet started school often make themselves felt as being listless and having little fun in playing, especially with other children. In addition, there is a change in eating behavior and sleep disorders. This often makes the child very irritable and tearful. In addition, young children are more anxious.

Schoolchildren, on the other hand, tend to have difficulty concentrating at school and often to psychomotor inhibition, i.e. slowing down of movement or speaking. In addition, loss of appetite, insomnia and anxiety can usually be observed. From school age, children with severe depression can also have suicidal thoughts.

Especially in adolescence, it can be difficult to differentiate between normal puberty and depression. In general, there may be sleep problems, loss of appetite and the associated weight loss, but also social withdrawal and performance disorders. Decreased self-confidence and anxiety, as well as frequent physical ailments like headaches, can continue to lead the way.

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Is there a test for depression in pregnancy?

There is currently no special test for pregnancy depression. However, because symptoms are similar to those of people without pregnancy, tests can be used for normal depression. Basically, pregnancy depression is not uncommon and has its origin both in a genetic predisposition and in the new challenge for the next phase of life as a mother. Common signs are, for example, negative thoughts and low moods, which can be associated with a lack of drive, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems through to anxiety or suicidal thoughts.

The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) exists for postpartum depression (postpartum depression). There are 10 questions asked about the ability to be happy, feelings of guilt, fear, feelings of being overwhelmed, sleep problems and thoughts of suicide. If you have a score of 10 or more or if you have thoughts of suicide, you should definitely consult a doctor.

If pregnancy or postpartum depression is suspected, a gynecologist or psychotherapist should always be consulted.

What is the Goldberg Depression Test?

Psychiatrist Ivan K. Goldberg developed a questionnaire to diagnose depression. These tests are easy to find on the Internet and give a good indication of whether you are suffering from depression or a depressed mood. The test consists of 18 questions for each of which you have to choose one of five possible answers. With a total of at least 15 points, you should contact a doctor or psychotherapist, as this could be an indication of depression.

Why take a test

If you have the feeling or suspect that you are suffering from depression, you can test yourself.

These tests that can be found abound around the internet everyone do.
Their primary purpose is to give you an idea of ​​whether that is own soul life can be classified as healthy or sick. You have that feeling or the Suspicion If you suffer from depression, you can test yourself beforehand an idea to find out whether your own feeling is deceptive or true. It never hurts to keep an eye on yourself.
For many people, over time, days of feeling bad become more common and end in depressions or other mental illness. In addition, you can first create certainty for yourself.

But what is the point of such a test?
The test causes people who believe of themselves that they are in one mental illness how to suffer from depression, one certain idea get how likely your guess actually is.
It is for that Everyday a good benchmark to keep track of how healthy you are and whether the days you are not feeling well are still in a healthy range or you should see a doctor.

How sure is the test result?

All tests that can be found on the Internet or are in appropriate facilities only guidelines, but no diagnosis.
A correct diagnosis can just a Doctor, psychotherapist or psychologist put.

Of course, the test depends on how honest and conscientious you yourself answer the questions about what state you are in and how well the test person can reflect on himself. Everyone then perceives certain situations and behaviors individually and so one can say that such a test gives a certain direction and can be a good help and that the test result should be taken seriously, but it does not replace a diagnosis by a doctor, psychotherapist or psychologist .

Can a test determine the severity?

With the help of normal self-tests from the Internet, you can find indications of an existing depression and, if necessary, also make an assumption about the severity, but these are no substitute for a visit to a doctor or psychotherapist. These can determine the severity using specific questionnaires.

Basically, however, thoughts of suicide speak in favor of a more severe expression. Especially when there are concrete thoughts or even actions.

What are the consequences of a test?

The consequence of such tests is that you can definitely get the result serious should take.
If the test says you have or are at risk of depression, you should doctor or go to one Psychotherapists or psychologists Searching for help. But of course nobody is obliged to do so if they do not want to. These tests are actually always anonymous and so nobody can check who took the test and whether they sought professional help.

Who is testing himself?

Such a test is usually done by people who think of themselves that they have or are about to develop depression.
These can be people from all social classes and from all countries and from both sexes. There is no guideline for who is allowed or is doing such a test. However, it is said again and again that more women get depression, which is why more women may take such a test.
Nevertheless, the number of unreported cases of men with depression is very high compared to the known cases and since these tests are anonymous, it is not possible to find out exactly who is doing such a test more often. Theoretically, you can also do this test if you think that a loved one is suffering from depression.
The sense is questionable, however, because you certainly cannot give the answers as precisely as if you were to take the test yourself and it concerns you. Therefore, these tests are intended more so that affected people can check for themselves whether they are suffering from depression.

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Is there a blood test for depression?

A blood sample is always part of the full diagnosis of a suspected depression, because various physical diseases such as hypothyroidism can lead to depressive moods, which can usually be treated easily. A blood test for the determination of markers that predict depression is not (yet) part of the diagnosis at the present time.

However, researchers are working on using various markers in the blood to reliably determine depression and even predict the chances of success for psychotherapy. So far, the results are promising, but not yet applicable in everyday clinical practice.