Life After Job - Tips For a Happy Retirement Life

Are you trying to decide if you want to retire? Retirement life is very different from your working life in so many ways! And there is so much to consider when you're preparing to make the transition from work to retirement.

I know because a few years ago I retired early at age 55, so there is a ton of information I can share with you about designing your best retirement life.

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With a few years of living in retirement behind me, you can be sure I have a lot to tell you about.

Even though I was rather obsessed with the idea of quitting my job, it still took me an entire year to really feel confident that I was ready to retire.

I ran the numbers with a budgeting spreadsheet and factored in every possible way we could spend money until I was satisfied we could do it safely. Over the course of that year I kept notes and added in every possible expense and risk factor until I felt comfortable.

Believe me, I understand how scary it is to switch from a regular paycheck to living off your savings!

From preparing for retirement life to working after retirement, I've analyzed it all for my own purposes, and then I wrote it down for you.

I'm Cathy, and I’m so pleased you stopped by!

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Retirement Life can be Peaceful, Exciting, and Fun

I'm totally enjoying retirement, but do you know what's the most surprising thing I've found? There are still not enough hours in the day. Isn't that a strange notion?

Between spending time with family, working on my personal projects, and keeping us fed, it's no wonder. And that doesn’t count any traveling we might do!

But a full life is what makes for a happy retirement, right?

You certainly don't want to be sitting around watching TV or wondering what to do with yourself. That would be squandering all that you worked for, so don't be that guy (or woman)!

Come on in and explore topics like deciding where to live after retirement, ideas for retirement hobbies and activities, and frugal living tips, just to name a few.

Preparing for Retirement Should Be a Process

In your retirement planning, have you thought about your life after you quit your job to retire? So often people just think about the idea of stopping work and retiring, but don't really do a lot of preparation for the next stage of life.

I think of it this way: You spend years preparing for your career with college or training and you get your first job. Even then, you're still learning the ropes and going through more changes and training as your career evolves.

When it comes to retirement, you can't just stop working and jump into retirement without laying some ground work for it.

How can you save for something you haven't thought about in practical day to day terms?

Saving is definitely key to being successful, but how will you know if you have enough if you don't know what you're going to do?

This site is all about helping you cover all those things you need to think about as you plan for your Life After Job.

Stories About Retiring - More Food for Thought

You may also benefit from stories by real people that can serve as lessons to all of us.

If you know of a retirement life story like this, I hope you'll share it with us through our Contact page.