Orthomol Immun®


For example, during chemotherapy, an immune deficiency occurs.

Orthomol Immun® is a dietary food used for special medical situations. It is taken to strengthen the immune system, for example during infections.
With certain diseases or certain therapies, the immune system is weakened. Even then, you can treat the existing immune deficit with Orthomol Immun®. An example of an acute weakening of the immune system is chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy for a malignant disease. In general, Orthomol Immun® is suitable for the supplementary treatment of nutritive immune deficits.


Contains Orthomol Immun® Micronutrientsthat are essential for a good immune defense.

  • vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, selenium, copper, Folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are important for the functioning of the immune system. In the event of an infection or the like, the cells of the immune system must divide quickly in order to avoid the attack, for example bacteria or to be able to counter viruses effectively.

  • Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2 as well as zinc, selenium, copper and manganese help the cells in particular to protect against oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is generated specifically by immune cells to kill bacteria and parasites. A supply of the above-mentioned substances (especially vitamin C) is particularly important so that the body's own cells are not damaged. For this reason, these are also called Antioxidants designated.

  • Vitamin A, vitamin B2, biotin and niacin all have an effect protective of the mucous membranes out. This is also very important for a good defense against pathogens, as bacteria and viruses penetrate the body via defective mucous membranes.

  • Zinc plays an important role in that regulated cell division, Vitamin A works positive for cell specialization. In general, the body needs the possibility of rapid cell division in order to defend itself against infection. In addition to zinc, the vitamins mentioned above are also required here, as they are important Building blocks for building cell material represent.

Dosage forms

Orthomol Immun® can in different forms to take in. As Drinking bottles Orthomol Immun® can be drunk; the contents of a drinking bottle should be consumed daily with or after a meal to take in. One drinking bottle corresponds to the recommended daily dose.

Furthermore, Orthomol Immun® available as granules. Per day should Contents of one sachet in 100-200ml of water or juice dissolved to be drunk with a meal.

Another dosage form is in tablets or capsule form possible. Per day should 4 tablets / 2 capsules with plenty of water be swallowed. The tablets / capsules can individually or with meals throughout the day be taken.

Ultimately, Orthomol Immun® can also be called Direct granulate to take in. Here you pour the granules for a meal right in your mouth, the granules dissolve very quickly. One sachet of direct granules corresponds to the recommended daily dose. The contents of the bag can be spread in one or over the day in several servings be taken. Generally for Coverage of micronutrient requirements of the immune system to recommend a regular and long-term intake of Orthomol Immun®.

Patient information

Actually are no contraindications known for taking Orthomol Immun®. But before you take Orthomol Immun® you should do this discuss this with your doctor.

It is generally recommended to take Orthomol Immun® periodically to discuss with the attending physician. Especially if you are under one Glucose intolerance sufferers, dietary foods should only be consumed under regular metabolic control, preferably after consulting a doctor.
It is particularly important to discuss the use of Orthomol Immun® with a doctor if you have one known hyperthyroidism (Hyperthyroidism) Has. If you have a Iron metabolism disease in which too much iron is stored, Orthomol Immun® should also be used only after consultation with a doctor take in. Likewise with Oxalate kidney stones and one Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

Of course, Orthomol Immun® not as a substitute for a healthy diet as it cannot replace them. In addition, Orthomol Immun® cannot replace medicinal therapies.

Side effects

There are particular side effects not known. Due to the vitamin C it contains, it can become a stronger bowel movements come. Furthermore, the beta-carotene contained in Orthomol Immun® can penetrate the patient's urine color yellowish orange.