Skin cream for men


A skin cream is an emulsion that contains fatty products, water and emulsifiers. This makes it a semi-solid, spreadable preparation for application to the skin.

Skin creams have been used for centuries to improve certain skin conditions. In the past, skin creams were primarily used by women. Nowadays it is taken for granted that men take care of their skin, just as women have done for many years. Cosmetics manufacturers have prepared for this with a large selection of products.

The motives are different, some men take more care of their skin care to look good, others just want to counteract the aging of the skin.

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Differences between men's and women's skin

Men's skin differs from the Skin of women. Men's skin contains one higher proportion at certain Proteins like the collagen and elastin in the Connective tissue of the skin, this makes men's skin thicker. The Sebum glands of men are too more active than a woman'sso the skin of men overall greasier is. Due to the increased thickness, the skin is rubier and wrinkles appear later, often only after the age of 40. Then the Skin aging faster from. In addition, the men's skin is connected to the facial hair Irritated shave.

Skin types

There are different skin typeswho are going through Hormones, genetic predisposition, Age and lifestyle. Through the appropriate care in addition to a healthy lifestyle, signs of aging can be reduced and the General condition of the skin will be improved. Does a woman's skin care cream match the man's skin type, can use this become. However, the men's products are characterized by certain properties Adapted to men's needs, this would be the scent, a quick-absorbing formula of the cream, which is supposed to give a refreshing rather than nourishing feeling.

Skin type: normal skin

The skin is fine-pored, elastic, well supplied with blood, matt and supple.

Skin type: Oily, oily skin

The skin has large pores and produces more sebum, has poor blood circulation and is slightly shiny. Mostly she is wrinkle-free, but tends to inflammatory redness. It often feels oily. Pimples and blackheads arise and make shaving difficult. During the summer, oily skin becomes through increased sweat and sebum production often even more problematic. The skin should be covered with a mild alcohol and oil free moisturizer are supplied.

Skin type: dry skin

The skin is fine-pored and feels slightly tense. Often they also show rough and dry skin. The skin scales, Redness and burning especially after shaving. This skin type also tends to earlier wrinkling. The skin suffers from a lack of moisture, especially in the Winter months. Here, moisturizers should be used that are rich in natural vegetable and essential oils that stimulate natural sebum production.

Skin type: combination skin

The forehead, nose and chin area (also called the T-zone) is rather greasy and prone to blemishes. The cheeks and eye area are rather dry and suffer from a lack of moisture.

Skin type: Sensitive skin

This skin type often suffers from burning, stinging, redness, or inflammation allergic reactions. The skin reacts more strongly to environmental influences, stress, cold, nutrition, Chemicals, lack of oxygen, or dirt lack of sleep. A soothing, mild moisturizer that does not contain alcohol or fragrances should be used here.

Skin type: Premature aging

This skin type is characterized by increased dryness and that early appearance of wrinkles and lines. That points to one severe lack of moisture too little supply of oxygen and lack of proteins of the connective tissue (collagen), as occurs during the normal aging process. This premature aging can be caused by enormous stress, Alcohol- or Nicotine abuse, excessive sun exposure or poor diet occur. Who in summer Sun protection used, has less under in addition to later skin aging Age spots to suffer in advanced age that appear in areas of the skin exposed to the sun, such as Hands and face. Usually only one can help against age spots costly laser treatment.

Skin type: pimples, blemishes, acne

This skin type is characterized by pimples, blackheads and other impurities burdened. Blackheads or comedones are called blackheads small black dots in the pores. Clogged pores occur when sebum cannot drain away.

If blackheads become infected, you can Pimples arise. More than 30 nodules, the longer than six weeks appear on the face, dermatologists speak of acne. A treatment with Antibiotics and Vitamin A is then recommended. The causes of acne are different, for example, hormones, such as a excessive testosterone production also cause increased sebum production, foods Medication, Chemicals, pollutants in the environment, also bad ingredients in cosmetic products are responsible. This is where hygiene is particularly important by cleaning the skin of dead skin cells and environmental dirt and then using a Moisturizer is supplied.

Beard shave

It is important after the shave to ensure sufficient moisture. It is especially important After-shave products that do not contain alcohol, as alcohol dries out the skin.

personal hygiene

Skin creams should not only used on the face become. Men should also make sure that the rest of the body's skin does not dry out. Places like Elbow, knee, Feet, Arms and hands. An example of a skin cream for dry skin is the Kaufmann's skin and Children's cream.