Homeopathy dosage

General dosage guidelines

The more acute the Symptoms of illness the more common it will be drug taken. As the symptoms improve, the periods are gradually lengthened and the drug is eventually discontinued.


Stage: (repetition of the single dose)

  • Highly acute (every 3 to 5 minutes)
  • Acute (every half or full hour)
  • Less acute (every two hours)
  • Chronic (2 to three times a day)

Single dose (homeopathic dose)

Dosage form

  • drops (3 to 5 drops)
  • Trituration (1 knife point)
  • Tablets (1 tablet)
  • Globules (5 beads)

At very acute conditions one starts with a single dose of the respective drug. Then you dissolve another single dose in a quarter cup of water and stick it with a plastic egg spoon (no metal!).
An egg spoon of this prepared solution is first given repeatedly (every 3 to 5 minutes), then every quarter of an hour and the break is extended step by step as the improvement progresses, half an hour, every hour, every two hours, then it's over.