Rauwolfia (Rauwolfia serpentina)

The plant has small white flowers.


Dog poison plants

Common name

Snake root, devil's pepper, insane herb

Plant description

The plant grows wild in the Himalaya, on Sri Lanka and Java.

A small shrub up to 90 cm high with white bark. The leaves are up to 15 cm long, pointed like a lanceolate, with a short stalk. The small, white flowers grow in umbels. Black drupes are formed.

Plant parts used medicinally

The root from wild plants or from cultures. The root is dug up, cleaned, in 15 to 20 cm long pieces cut and hung to dry.


Alkaloids (reserpine and various minor alkaloids)

Medicinal effect and application

In Asia, the Rauwolfia has been known since ancient times as Remedy for snakebites, insect bites, fever and diarrhea.

The drug did calming, antihypertensive and slightly antispasmodic effect.

It is a component of many finished drugs, for example, to lower blood pressure or to dampen states of excitement.

Combination with other medicinal plants

You are welcome to mix in the rauwolfia root Hawthorn, mistletoe and garlic.

Use in homeopathy

The middle Rauwolfia serpentina becomes from the dried root manufactured. The main areas of application are depressions, mental exhaustion, increased blood pressure with heart stitches and stumbling or associated with in women Hot flashes to the head with cold feet, a headache.

Also at Stomach discomfort with cramps and loss of appetite.

The symptoms are aggravated by warmth and are relieved by cool compresses and exercise in the fresh air. The drug is only available on prescription up to D3!

Side effects

At Overdose serious side effects can occur such as Circulatory problems, Heart trouble, fear and depressions.