Stop using Risperdal


If you wish to discontinue Risperdal, you should pay particular attention to a gradual dosage, which must always be discussed with the treating psychiatrist!

If a patient wishes to discontinue the drug Risperdal®, he should discuss the steps with his treating psychiatrist and strictly adhere to the withdrawal plan.
Since the drug Risperdal® is a atypical neuroleptic which can be used for various diseases such as psychoses and which is very potent, the dose of Risperdal® should be reduced in small steps if possible so that there are no withdrawal symptoms.


There are various causeswhy a patient wants to stop taking the drug Risperdal®.

For one, it may be because the patient is feels very stable and gladly want to do without further medication.

Furthermore, the patient may be receiving the drug Risperdal® does not work sufficiently or that Risperdal® develops too strong side effects and the patient has to discontinue the drug for this reason.
Since Risperdal® is a so-called atypical neuroleptic it should have fewer side effects than the old neuroleptics, but there may still be side effects that are then the A

may make it necessary to use Risperdal®. For example, it can happen that the patient by taking Risperdal® is gaining weight very much and even got diabetes.
In this case, it can lead to an impairment and endangerment of health, which is why further intake should be considered.

Based on these Risk of side effects Risperdal® is very rarely given to children. However, there is a target group of children for whom the drug is prescribed: these are mostly severely mentally handicapped childrenwho are at least 5 years old and have a severe conduct disorder have (often with a risk to themselves or to others).
However, it is important to know that Risperdal® should be discontinued in children after 6 weeks at the latest.

So it only serves the Short term treatment. Otherwise a longer intake may lead to far-reaching problems (Habituation, increased side effects).

In general, psychotropic drugs such as Risperdal® should be used as last chance given to children and no later than after 6 weeks of treatment necessarily discontinued become.

Frequency distribution

Overall, there are quite a few patients who Risperdal® drop would like. This can have several causes, but mostly they are high Side effects associated with taking the atypical neuroleptic accompanied.

Still, it's important to know that not every patient the Risperdal® can stop without having to go back to the original disease (Schizophrenia, mania, psychosis...) to fall ill.

Even if many patients would like to discontinue the drug Risperdal®, the patient should also bear in mind that there was a reason why the drug had to be taken and that discontinuation was only possible with the professional help of a psychiatrist is to be accomplished.

Symptoms on weaning

When a patient does that drug Risperdal® settles, it can too various symptoms come. To the Withdrawal symptoms When stopping Risperdal®, the patient should consult their psychiatrist exact plan and let the drug slowly taper off, so it in reduce tiny doses over a long period of time.

However, it is normal to experience mild withdrawal symptoms when reducing a small dose of Risperdal®. These can express themselves in different ways and there are depending on the patient and depending on the underlying disease (Psychosis or schizophrenia etc.) different symptoms.
Some patients feel that it is too much when they stop taking Risperdal® recurring psychosis leads.
In this case, the visiting psychiatrist and talk to him about the existing problems.

However, symptoms such as may continue to occur while you are taking Risperdal® off Restlessness, insomnia or headache.
It is important that the symptoms with the treating psychiatrist discussed so that the patient can treat them and make it easier for the patient to stop.

The patient should also be in patience practice and in no case rush to discontinue the medication from now on, as this becomes one rapid increase in the symptoms mentioned can lead. In this case, the Risperdal® dosage often has to be increased again to stabilize the patient and the process of discontinuation starts all over again.

It is important to know that taking the psychotropic drug can lead to a kind Adaptation (physical adaptation) comes to the patient. That means that after a certain amount of time of taking the drug it becomes one Weakening of the effect comes and the dose has to be increased more and more to get the same original effect.
This adaptation also makes it difficult to discontinue Risperdal®.

The longer So if a patient takes the drug Risperdal®, the longer it will take to stop taking it. If, on the other hand, a patient only takes Risperdal® for a short period of time, there are no withdrawal symptoms or symptoms such as restlessness even if Risperdal® is discontinued.

Even if a patient would like to stop Risperdal®, they should be aware that, depending on the starting dose, sometimes it will very long process acts. For example, plans a patient in to have a child in the near futureso she should have that wish in time Discuss with the treating psychiatrist so that the medicine can be tapered off early on.


If a patient wants to stop taking the drug Risperdal®, he should follow the exact steps discuss with his psychiatrist.
Generally, however, there is one good prognosis, of the drug "to get away“And to live drug-free when the patient is his Lifestyle changes and for example much sport drives and yourself nourished healthily.

In addition, a suitable therapy with a psychiatrist or a psychologist should always be sought, as the prognosis is much better if a patient is still after discontinuing Risperdal® continued professional help seeks and regularly perceives it.

However, it is important to know that not everyone can get a grip on mental illness without psychotropic drugs. In this case it is important to acknowledge that the drugs are part of the patient's life and that the patient is responsible for them shouldn't be ashamed.