Exercise for knee osteoarthritis


Not so long ago it was rather rejected or at least controversial, with an existing one Knee osteoarthritis To do sport.
After diagnosing a arthrosis In the past, doctors gave patients a general ban on sports.

In the meantime, however, it is believed that a special sport and Strengthening program can have a positive effect on the pain and the course of knee osteoarthritis and is therefore highly recommended for those affected.
There are various studies that show that exercise is an important part of the Therapy for knee osteoarthritis can be seen in osteoarthritis.

Of course, this does not apply to all sports and exercises, which is why an individual plan is best worked out with a doctor or physical therapist.

Knee-friendly vs. sports that damage the knees

Various sports that are known to be knee-friendly can also be practiced at home.
These include swimming, (Freestyle swimming) or cycling.

Read more about this under: Aqua-fitness

Sports should be avoided in which there is a risk that the joints are stressed on one side (for example squash or tennis), twisted (skiing or football) or which involve an increased risk of falling (like riding).
Before practicing any of these sports, it is advisable for patients with knee osteoarthritis to consult a physical therapist beforehand to determine whether it makes sense to wear insoles in their shoes while exercising.

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The knee joint is one of the joints with the greatest stress.

Therefore, the treatment of the knee joint (e.g. meniscus tear, cartilage damage, cruciate ligament damage, runner's knee, etc.) requires a lot of experience.
I treat a wide variety of knee diseases in a conservative way.
The aim of any treatment is treatment without surgery.

Which therapy achieves the best results in the long term can only be determined after looking at all of the information (Examination, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, etc.) be assessed.

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Sport as therapy for knee osteoarthritis

It is important for patients to become familiar with a Knee osteoarthritis do sport.

  • On the one hand, certain exercises in sport help to relieve pain, build muscles and thus relieve the joint and regain more safety when walking and standing (see: Strengthening exercises for knee osteoarthritis).
  • On the other hand, long-term immobilization of the knee joint causes the synovial fluid (a fluid that is found inside the joint) can no longer distribute appropriately. Since it is responsible for supplying the cartilage of the joint with nutrients, its absence leads to an under-supply and thus also to slower healing of areas that are inflamed as part of knee osteoarthritis. In addition, the synovial fluid naturally also reduces the friction between the bones involved and thus the wear reaction.

Knee brace

Many sufferers use a knee brace when exercising. Numerous manufacturers offer the full range of supporting and stabilizing bandages. Individual decisions for or against a knee support should always be made in consultation with the attending physician or doctor, as well as the Physiotherapists or a physiotherapist.

Basically, the knee support can be a positive effect if you have osteoarthritis of the knee and give patients safety during exercise. However, it cannot “work miracles” and must not overload the knee joint. Well-fitting knee supports stabilize the muscular guidance of the knee joint and relieve the joint space. Some models prevent e.g. painful hyperextension of the knee, others prevent involuntary flexing of the knee during sport.

When choosing the knee brace in the medical supply store, one should comfortable fit be respected. Ideally, it supports the joint without being too tight. Of the Blood flow must be maintained in all movements!

Sport as a prophylaxis

It's not just that a lack of physical activity negatively affects the course of an already existing one Knee osteoarthritis affects.
Those who do sport regularly also reduce the likelihood of developing this clinical picture from the start. Primary osteoarthritis (which, in contrast to secondary osteoarthritis, develops without a clearly identifiable cause) is not infrequently the result of an imbalance between the load and the resilience of the joint.
This mismatch often comes from the fact that a patient arrives Obesity suffers: This results in increased stress on the joint and at the same time, due to a lack of exercise, the corresponding muscles are often lacking to counteract this increased stress.