Illustration gastric ulcer

Figure of gastric ulcer: A gastric opening with gastric ulcer and B incision through the gastric wall

Defect of the gastric mucosa

  1. Gastric ulcer -
    Gastric ulcer
  2. Esophagus - Esophagus
  3. Stomach body -
    Corpus gastricum
  4. Small curvature of the stomach -
    Curvatura minor
  5. Duodenum -
  6. Stomach porter - Pylorus
  7. Porter's Cave -
    Antrum pyloricum
  8. Slime coating the
    Stomach surface
  9. Surface fabric
    of the stomach
  10. Mouth of the
    Gastric gland
  11. Gastric gland
  12. Mucosal muscle layer

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