The shoulder muscles

Synonyms in the broadest sense

Shoulder muscles training, shoulder muscles

The muscles of the shoulder joint

Here you can find detailed information about the shoulder muscles:

  • Deltoid (M. deltoideus)
  • Biceps (M. biceps brachii)
  • Triceps (M. triceps brachii)
  • Pectoralis major (M. pectoralis major)
  • Large round muscle (M. teres major)
  • Broad back muscle (M. latissimus dorsi)

Figure shoulder muscles

Illustration of the muscles of the right shoulder: A - front view and B - muscles of the back

Shoulder muscles

  1. Scapula-hyoid bone muscle -
    Omohyoideus muscle
  2. Anterior stair muscle -
    Scanelus anterior muscle
  3. Head turner -
    Sternocleidomastoid muscle
  4. Collarbone - Clavicle
  5. Deltoid - M. deltoideus
  6. Raven bill process upper arm muscle -
    Coracobrachialis muscle
  7. Subscapular muscle -
    Subscapularis muscle
    (second layer)
  8. Two-headed upper arm muscle
    (Biceps) - M. biceps brachii
  9. Pectoralis major -
    Pectoralis major muscle
  10. Scapula lifter -
    (second layer) -
    Muscle levator scapulae
  11. Upper bone muscle -
    Muscle supraspinatus (second layer)
  12. Scapula bone -
    Spina scapulae
  13. Small round muscle -
    Muscle teres minor
  14. Subbone Muscle -
    Muscle infraspinatus
  15. Large round muscle -
    Muscle teres major
  16. Trapezius -
    Muscle trapezius
  17. Broad back muscle -
    Muscle latissimus dorsi

    Rotator cuff
    = 4 muscles (7th + 11th + 13th + 14th) -
    covered by the deltoid

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Since that Shoulder joint similar to that too hip joint belongs to the group of ball joints, reference is made to the individual movement dimensions of the arm.

  • in abduction
    • Deltoid
    • Upper bone muscle
  • in adduction
    • Pectoralis major
    • Broad back muscle
    • Large round muscle
    • Small round muscle
  • at the anteversion
    • Deltoid
    • Pectoralis major
    • Upper bone muscle
    • Short biceps head
  • in the retro version
    • Deltoid
    • Broad back muscle
    • Large round muscle
  • during external rotation
    • Deltoid
    • Lower bone muscle
    • Small round muscle
  • during internal rotation
    • Deltoid
    • Subscapular muscle
    • Pectoralis major
    • Broad back muscle
    • Large round muscle


When training the shoulder muscles, only the development of the deltoid muscle is understood in strength training. Since this with every movement in the Shoulder joint is involved, when the shoulder muscles are trained, other muscles can also be expected to adapt. In the table you will find a list of the most common exercises in Weight training.

  • Deltoid (M. deltoideus)
    • Neck press
    • Lateral raise

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