Homeopathy for coughs

Homeopathic medicines

The following come homeopathic medicines in question, with a less stormy course (as opposed to a a flu-like infection):

  • Bryonia (bryony)
  • Sticta pulmonaria (lung lichen)
  • Corallium rubrum (precious coral)
  • Rumex (Krauser Ampfer)
  • Drosera (sundew)
  • Hyoscyamus (henbane)
  • Senega (Senega Root)
  • Spongia (bath sponge)

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Bryonia (bryony)

  • Dryer, more painful cough with stitches in the chest
  • Dry mucous membranes and much thirst for cold water
  • Worse from moving, deep breathing, speaking, and walking into warm rooms
  • Improvement through rest and by holding on to the chest to cough

Typical dosage of Bryonia (bryony) with cough: Tablets D6

Further information is also available at: Bryonia (bryony)

Sticta pulmonaria (lung lichen)

  • Many infections start in the nasopharynx and then migrate down to the bronchi
  • Little mucus is produced, which is also difficult to cough up: dry mucous membranes
  • Dry, barking and excruciating cough with little expectoration
  • General feeling of bruising
  • Aggravated at night and from cold air

Typical dosage of Sticta pulmonaria (lung lichen) with cough: Drop D6

More information about Sticta pulmonaria can be obtained from: Sticta pulmonaria

Corallium rubrum (precious coral)

  • Small coughing bursts that followed quickly one after the other, triggered by a stimulus in the back of the nasopharynx
  • Nasal congestion, secretion runs backwards into the throat
  • Worse at night and very sensitive to cold air
  • Better in a warm room

General dosage of Corallium rubrum (precious coral) with cough: Tablets D4

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Rumex (Krauser Ampfer)

  • Excruciating tickling cough (as if from a feather in the larynx) which occurs in attacks
  • Sharp pain in the chest causes the urge to cough to be suppressed
  • Very sensitive to cold air
  • Worse at night and early in the morning and when transitioning from warm to cold (Bryonia worse from cold to warm)

General dosage of Rumex (Krauser Ampfer) with cough: Drops D6 to D12

More information about Rumex you get under our topic: Rumex

Drosera (sundew)

  • Whooping cough-like dry, spasmodic cough
  • Rapidly successive coughing fits that make it almost impossible to breathe
  • With red head, shortness of breath, nausea
  • Sharp pain caused to hold the chest
  • Cough worse at night and in a warm room, better outdoors

Typical dosage of Drosera (sundew) with cough: Tablets D6

More information on Drosera (sundew) you get under our topic: Drosera

Hyoscyamus (henbane)

  • Nocturnal, dry, cramp-like irritable cough which worsens when lying down
  • Especially suitable for nervous and over-sensitive people with a tendency to insomnia
  • Cough worse at night, lying down
  • Better by sitting up and during the day

Typical dosage of Hyoscyamus (henbane) with cough: Drop D6

Senega (Senega Root)

  • Dry cough
  • tough, stubborn mucus that is difficult to cough up
  • Painful cough with sore chest
  • Often associated with conjunctivitis of the eyes, irritation of tears, feeling of grain of sand
  • Everything better in the open air, deterioration at rest

General dosage of Senega (Senega Root) with cough: Drop D4

More information on Senega (Senega Root) you get under our topic: Senega

Spongia (bath sponge)

  • Dry, barking cough
  • Nocturnal coughing attacks with a feeling of suffocation
  • Aggravation before midnight
  • Nervous, agonizing throat cough (also triggered by an enlarged thyroid gland) with forced throat clearing

General dosage of Spongia (bath sponge) with cough: Tablets D6