Child problems with breastfeeding


Breastfeeding complications

The correct development of the child

There are numerous signs that the child is developing correctly: The child should have a bowel movement about 5 days after the birth discolour orange-yellow. If this is not the case and the stool is still very dark, the child has his first bowel movement, the so-called Bad luck (Meconium), not yet completely discontinued. Then you should breastfeed more often in any case, otherwise the risk of a Newborn jaundice increases (see above). In the following six weeks, the child should have bowel movements about twice a day, after which they may be absent for ten days. In addition, around six diapers a day should be wet and the urine should be light and odorless.

The child should drink at least six times a day, sucking successfully so that the breast is then softer than before (see also female breast).

The child should not have a sunken large fontanel, his face should be pink, and the body should be warm. Sluggishness and sleepiness should not be a permanent condition - they should be regularly interrupted by alert and alert phases.

Regarding the Weight development an initial decrease of 10% in birth weight is normal. After two weeks, however, the initial weight should be reached again. This is followed by a weekly weight gain of around 100 to 250 grams per week, which after three months is only around 100 to 150 grams. By the time the child is around six months old, it should have roughly doubled its birth weight.

The child gains too little weight

child problems during breastfeeding

This situation can be due to a lack of milk. Smoking while breastfeeding, drinking alcohol while breastfeeding and stress can all reduce the amount of milk in breast milk. Check whether your child is fitting properly and sucking effectively (correct breastfeeding).
Alternating breastfeeding can be effective in stimulating milk production. For this purpose, the side and the breastfeeding position should be changed regularly when breastfeeding. Breast massages, applying heat to the breast before and during breastfeeding, and drinking breastfeeding tea can also have a positive effect. In addition, you should make sure that the child is breastfed at least once a night and about every two and a half hours during the day.
If your child is suckling properly and the amount of milk is sufficient, insufficient milk flow can be the cause of the lack of weight gain. Here, too, the warmth helps to release inner tension, if possible before breastfeeding. A warm bath, a hot water bottle and, above all, the local application of heat to the chest are suitable for this. A breast massage can also be helpful. In the Marmet massage, the whole breast is massaged in a spiral from the outside in, then gently brushed and then gently shaken out with the upper body bent forward. It is important to adopt a "body-open" posture when breastfeeding. The partner can put his hand between the shoulder blades with gentle pressure. Now you breathe against your hand. This exercise activates a reflex point that promotes the flow of milk.

The child has flatulence

Self-reproach is counterproductive, as the mother's diet usually has nothing to do with the child's flatulence (see behavior during breastfeeding).
You should try out which foods are tolerated and which are not. An attempt to skip suspicious foods can help. Once the flatulence is there, abdominal massages help very well. Massage around the navel in a clockwise direction, if necessary with a suitable oil.
Relief can also be provided if the child is placed with their stomach on a warm surface (hot water bottle, grain pillow) or carried with their stomach on their forearms (pilot's grip).

Another reason for gas in the child can be coffee consumption by the mother. The caffeine is absorbed by the baby through breast milk, which can presumably lead to gas and abdominal pain.

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The child chokes and chokes when breastfeeding begins

The cause here can be a large amount of milk or a strong one Milk ejection reflex be. When the child starts to drink, so much milk flows into their mouth that they cannot swallow so quickly. Warm wraps, which stimulate the flow of milk, help here before breastfeeding. Then a little milk should be spread out manually. Even breastfeeding positions where the milk Having to flow against gravity can help.

The child spits a lot

As long as the child is otherwise developing well and looking satisfied, there is no need to worry. You should only be careful to allow the child to burp ("pelvis") after breastfeeding. However, if there is a surge of vomiting in a high arc and weight loss, the pediatrician should be consulted. This can be a Stomach cramp (Pyloric stenosis), in which the thickening of the gastric outlet muscle means that milk can only flow slightly further into the intestine.

Homeopathy for discomfort while breastfeeding

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