Pain in a femoral neck fracture

Pain after a fall

A Femoral neck fracture (syn .: Femoral neck fracture) often arises after one Fall on your hips or buttocks.

Older people are particularly affected, as they are affected by age-related restructuring processes (osteoporosis) have more fragile bones. Women are affected more often than men.

After the fall, the patients complain Pain in the hip and grointhat can be very strong. If you tap on the outside of the hip where the upper part of the thigh bone is located, this is also very painful for the patient. Depending on the extent and location of the break, the symptoms can vary greatly.

Some patients just have Pain when walking, others can no longer appear. Some femoral neck fractures even present themselves without any symptoms. A fracture of the femur is also typical shortened and leg turned outwards on the affected side.

Differentiating it from a simple bruise after a fall can be difficult. Hence a medical evaluation recommended after a fall with subsequent pain.

Pain after surgery

After an operation for a femoral neck fracture, pain usually occurs for some time, which is caused by the surgical treatment. Often a Hip prosthesis used, which means that the surrounding tissue is stressed during the operation. Even if the fracture was surgically treated with screws or plates, the manipulation of the tissue can cause discomfort. Pain after the operation is therefore to be regarded as normal.

However, the discomfort should over time no improvement show or even get worse and worse, so must also be possible Complications thought of surgery. The prosthesis, or the screws and plates, could have been colonized by bacteria and become one Inflammatory response have led. They then have to be removed, the tissue rinsed and the prosthesis / screw connection replaced. The Loosened the prosthesis and cause pain.

Sometimes there is also one New bone formation in the vicinity of the artificial hip joint. These irregular bones can also cause pain. To prevent this complication, the hip can be irradiated once. This often effectively prevents new bone formation.

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Duration of pain

The duration of pain after a femoral neck fracture varies greatly from person to person. It depends largely on the type and extent of the break.
Slightly displaced fractions can cause little to no discomfort during one slipped femoral neck causes severe to unbearable pain and requires emergency surgery. The possible duration of the complaints also varies accordingly.

As a rule, however, it comes within after an operative treatment less weeks to a significant improvement in pain. By early mobilization of patients and supportive physiotherapy and pain therapy (please refer: post-operative pain therapy) a femoral neck fracture can often be treated well. Adequate pain therapy is very important so that the healing process is facilitated for the patient and the pain does not become chronic.

Femoral neck fracture without pain

A femoral neck fracture can also only occur with little or no pain be connected. This is especially the case when it comes to small, unshifted fractions acts. The vascular supply to the femoral head can then still be preserved and the surrounding tissue was not injured by displaced bone fragments. In such patients, the fracture of the femur is more likely to manifest itself mild, dull aches and pains, or pain when walking.
The patients often come to the hospital on foot.

The risk of misinterpreting such mild symptoms as simple bruises is particularly great. When older people fall, there is always one careful medical diagnosis recommended so as not to overlook any broken bones.

Creeping femoral neck fracture

From one creeping femoral neck fracture one speaks when the fracture without a previous fall or without external force, for example in the context of osteoporosis (see: Osteoporotic femoral neck fracture) or a bone tumor. Pain can then also be absent or only present to a minor extent. However, this again varies greatly from person to person.