Markert Diet

What is the Markert Diet?

The Markert Diet is a diet developed by the doctor Dr. Dieter Markert developed the concept of the Therapeutic fasting. So it is not really a diet but a diet Fasting cure. During the cure, energy is only consumed in the form of liquids, solid food is not included in this drinking cure.

It is based on a special soy protein drink that is sold in drugstores or pharmacies, in addition to which vegetable broths and juices are allowed in moderation. The drink has under the name Almased® became very famous, besides there are similar products on the market.

Course of the diet

As with traditional fasting cures, the original Markert Diet starts with a Colon cleansing on. It will Bitter- or Glauber's salt taken to help, and enough to drink. Then the actual fasting phase begins: The first two weeks you do not eat solid food, the drink replaces all three main meals. Vegetable broth is also allowed.

In the following phase, two meals are replaced by the drink, and a low-carbohydrate, high-protein main meal is allowed. Finally, in the stability phase, only one meal is given by Almased® replaced, the other meals should be balanced again and low in carbohydrates. In the meantime, revised versions of the Markert Diet are also available, in which solid food is allowed, but the energy intake is still severely limited to less than 1000 kcal per day.

What are the risks of this diet?

Anyone who is in good physical condition and is far from medically questionable underweight can carry out the Markert Diet for the intended period without major health concerns. A longer period is not advisable, it can lead to health-threatening deficiencies come. The diet in the fasting phase, in particular, can only provide all the necessary macro and micronutrients with difficulty. In addition, the calorie intake is greatly reduced, which can be associated with physical and mental impairment.

Side effects of the diet

Especially at the beginning of the diet change, those who want to lose weight may have to struggle with severe side effects of the extremely low carbohydrate intake. This includes besides a headache also Performance drops, Difficulty concentrating, dizziness or Irritability. Some people even have with Circulatory problems to fight. After overcoming the initial sugar withdrawal, most of the symptoms should be gone. If they persist, discontinuing the fast must be considered.

Criticism of the diet

Especially in the pure fasting phase, those who want to lose weight are strictly guided by the concept of the drinking cure. This results in a significant weight loss on the scales, but there is no learning effect. If you want to lose weight over a longer period of time and keep it off, you have to deal with the topic of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Those who fall back into old patterns after the fasting phase quickly succumb to the dreaded Jojo effect. Sport is not promoted enough as part of the Markert Diet, although it is an effective and sensible method for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

Where can you find good recipes for the marker diet?

The Markert Diet was launched on the market in the mid-1990s, and since then there have been numerous guides. The Internet also offers a variety of recipes and portals where participants can exchange ideas. The keywords for the search here are, in addition to the Markert Diet, also the Almased Diet.

How much can / should be lost with this form of diet?

The Almased or Markert diet promises great effects in a very short time. Particularly in the pure fasting phase, in which carbohydrates and solid foods are completely avoided, great weight loss can be achieved. A large part of this is also related to the flushing of water from the body.

Cause is that Depletion of glycogen stores in muscles and liver. In this phase, the calorie intake through the protein drinks and vegetable broth is only around 500 kcal per day. Due to the low protein intake, in addition to fat, it is primarily a significant amount of muscle mass that is lost here. In the first few weeks of the diet, two or three kilograms can be lost, depending on the initial weight and exercise profile. Even with 1000kcal per day, there should be a weekly weight loss of one kilo or more.

How can you avoid the yo-yo effect on this diet?

The dreaded yo-yo effect always strikes after a diet if one does not continue to eat in a calorie deficit. If there is an excess, the additional calories are stored. The goal after weight loss is long-term maintenance, for this you have to eat in the area of ​​maintenance calories: Consume as much as is consumed during the day through metabolism and exercise. An increase in weight of one or more kilos can also be explained by the replenishment of glycogen stores, as more water is stored at the same time. In the long run, only a balanced diet and lifestyle can lead to a stable body weight.

Medical evaluation of the diet by .de

As a healthy adult it is harmless to health to go without solid food for a short period of time and to follow a therapeutic fasting cure, such as the drinking cure according to Dr. Perform Markert. However, the fasting phase should not be adhered to beyond the intended period of time, as this would otherwise also occur in physically healthy adults Nutritional deficiencies by Nutritional deficits can come.

What alternatives are there to the Markert Diet?

Therapeutic fasting has been a tradition for centuries. Anyone looking for a real alternative to long-term weight loss will only be successful in the long run with a healthy, balanced diet without any health risks. This includes a supply of proteins, fats, full-fledged carbohydrates, fiber, vegetables and trace elements, as well as a sufficient amount of fluids. Those who achieve a calorie deficit and do enough exercise or exercise in everyday life will lose weight and be able to maintain it in the long term.

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What is the cost of a Markert diet?

The well-known Almased powder contains 500g and costs between 16 and 22 euros. One can contains around 10 servings of Almased, so one serving costs around € 1.80. In the pure fasting phase, in which all three meals are replaced by the drink, the can is sufficient for about 3 days. In the strict fasting phase, the powder will be approx 40 euros per week issued. The expenses for the powder are not particularly low, but you also have to plan less expenses for other food.

The Almased cure or Markert diet is one of the more cost-effective diets, for example compared to the metabolism cure. With replacement drinks from the drugstore that have similar nutritional values, the costs are sometimes even lower.