Tricks for putting on the condom


Put on a condom, put on rubber, put on lounging bag, put on Verhüterli, put on Parisians


The condom (condom) is the only contraceptive that offers security in several ways during sexual intercourse. For this reason, the use of a condom should be a must if you frequently change sexual partners, if your health status is unclear or if you have sexually transmitted diseases.

By putting on a condom before making love, you can not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but also a variety of infectious diseases.

When used correctly, a condom protects against the following sexually transmitted diseases, among others:

  • HIV

  • Hepatitis B.

  • syphilis

  • Gonorrhea (Gonorrhea)

  • Trichomoniasis

Implementation under realistic conditions

In general, the Technique of pulling over a condom in a real situation on the partner does not depend significantly on the technique when practicing on e.g. one Banana or cucumber. What is only added is a little in many cases excitement.

Before the condom is used and taken out of the packaging, it should be ensured that on the one hand the size and also that The best before date is correct. It is also important that the Packaging only then opened should be if that Member erect is so the condom not accidentally damaged beforehand can be.

Opening resp. Rip the packaging should careful done to avoid damaging the condom here as well. Before putting on the condom, care must be taken that the Outer skin at a uncircumcised limb pulled away from the glans becomes. If the Kattached ondom to the glans becomes, the Forced air from the reservoir of the condom with two fingers, around Space for the semen to accomplish. It must also be ensured that the Outward roll of the condom shows.

Is the condom once set up the wrong way round been allowed to not used a second time will and must disposed of become. The last thing to do is to use the condom slowly over the limb down to the root unrolled (dont pull!!).

At Use of lubricants urgent care must be taken that only fat- and oil-free lubricants used as they otherwise destroy the latex of the condoms and the protective function is no longer given.

In addition, the use of a condom can prevent transmission of the human papillomavirus (HPV) can be safely prevented. This virus is considered to be the main risk factor for the development of cervical cancer and can be transmitted quickly during the sexual act.

In this context, however, it must be noted that a condom can only reliably prevent infections and unwanted pregnancies if it is properly applied becomes. It is particularly important that the condom not in contact with pointed objects or sharp fingernails before use may come. In addition, a condom may no longer be used if it Cracks or holes has been accidentally placed on the link the wrong way first or the Best before date has expired.

In addition, the protection against unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases no longer guaranteedwhen the condom tears during the sexual act, the condom during lovemaking slips off or if the condom used several times becomes. If these instructions are always followed and the users put on the condom properly, unwanted pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted diseases can be safely prevented.

The so-called Pearl index is a measure of how safely a method of contraception protects against unwanted pregnancies. The smaller this value, the greater the security of the contraceptive. With regard to the prevention of pregnancy, the condom, if the users put it on properly, has one Pearl index from 2 to 4 on. It means that of 100 womenwho use and put on a condom properly, on average two to four women still pregnant become. For comparison: the Pearl Index of the Mini pill is around 0,2. For every 1000 women who take the mini-pill properly, around two women will nevertheless become pregnant.

Although the probability of getting pregnant despite contraception is significantly higher with a condom, it can Mini pill does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Besides the easy application of a condom and that double security, this contraceptive offers another benefit. Regardless of whether users put it on properly, a condom causes no side effects. Only people who are under a Latex allergy have to suffer alternative, latex-free condoms to grab.

In addition, it should be noted that a condom that the user puts on properly, not only during normal sexual acts, but protection from sexually transmitted diseases also in the case of other sexual practices offers. The many advantages and few disadvantages Over the years, this method of contraception has made the condom the aThe most widely used contraceptives around the world is.


How safe a condom actually protects against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases depends above all on whether the user puts on the condom correctly. The coating of to old, expired condoms, offers no protection. The Best before date of every condom is noted on the individual packaging and should be checked before putting on. In addition, must a vacuum can be felt when pressure is applied to the packaging of a perfect condom be. If not, the condom may be damaged or expired and should not be used under any circumstances.

How to use a condom correctly and how the user puts it on begins with unpacking. If the condom is removed from its packaging, care must be taken to ensure that it not with sharp objects or sharp-edged fingernails comes into contact.

How the user should put on a condom is basically not difficult. The condom knows at its head a small reservoir on. This is used to collect the semen released at the climax of the man. For this reason, when putting on a condom, you must always ensure that the Reservoir is not too tight on the glans. When pulling over it should reservoir of the condom gripped with index finger and thumb and possibly existing Luft pushed out become. Afterwards the condom can easily placed on the stiff member become. The Role of condom must be there lying outside. Now the condom has to be just still about the erect member unrolled become. The condom always fits properly when the reservoir has space and the condom is stiff Encloses the limb without air bubbles.

Many couples tie the condom on playful in the love game a. So it happens no embarrassing or lust-inducing breakswhile the user has to put on the condom. However, people who use condoms during sexual intercourse should note that they should never cover it with your teeth may. The sharp edges of the teeth can damage the condom and thus impair its preventive effect.

How to proceed after ejaculation

To the protective effect from a condom even after making love not to affect negatively, there are some basic principles of how to proceed with the contraceptive. In this context it is especially important that the condom after ejaculation held when the member is withdrawn becomes. Otherwise can the condom slide off and semen flow out.

After removing the condom, care should be taken to ensure that there is no residue of the Semen on the hands. For this reason, the Hands washed thoroughly become. In addition, the limb must also after peeling of the condom be washed off with lukewarm water.

A used condom: may not used again may be not disposed of in the toilet will and should only disposed of with household waste become

Although the condom is the only form of contraception that, when used correctly, protects against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, it will Overlay of the condom felt by many to be annoying and time-consuming. You can certainly learn to put on a condom correctly without having to spend a lot of time.

In general, it can be assumed that the Learning to slip of a condom can lead to its use after a while is no longer perceived as annoying. This is especially useful before the first love games. But also with Change of the usual brand of condom it can be beneficial to learn how to use the condom before having sex (how to tear the packaging open? how to unroll the condom? is the condom the right size?). This can vary depending on the brand of condom.

Before the first sexual act it can be useful to put on a condom to learn from a cucumber or banana. Above all, the correct handling of the condom can be perfected in this way to such an extent that the lovemaking only has to be briefly interrupted when putting it on. In addition, you can experienced couples learn to pull over one Including condom in the love game. In this way, the application is usually perceived as less disruptive.

Pain when putting on

For a limb that hurts when putting on a condom, it can various causes give. The possible causes for the aching limb can include both harmless, as well as those in need of treatment be.

In many cases, men whose limbs hurt when a condom is rolled over have one very large outer skin on. The outer skin is the sensitive glans in everyday life before certain Stimulating (for example Pressure and friction) very well shielded. Even in the erect state, the glans of the affected men is often completely covered by the outer skin. Will the Outer skin now pushed back to put on the condom, will the sensitive glans formally flooded with stimuli. In the affected men, this can cause the limb to hurt when putting on the condom.

Another common cause of pain when putting on a condom is the so-called Outer skin constriction. With this disease the sits Outer skin too tight on the glans. In the erect state becomes thereby strong pressure on the glans exercised. If the constricted outer skin is properly pushed down before putting on a condom, this often causes the affected person to hurt. This problem can usually only be caused by a Specialist and a operative correction the constriction of the outer skin can be eliminated.

Covered by the woman

Not necessarily always has to man be the one for that Putting on the condom responsible is. Sometimes very attractive variant can also be that the woman takes on exactly this part. For one thing, this can be quite classic by hand be made or on the other hand playful with the mouth (Italian method).

Manual pulling is no different from the technique that men also use. The mouth method, on the other hand, uses a condom sucked in with pursed lips (the The reservoir lies between the lips, the ring outside), the Air from the reservoir with the tongue pressed, the erect member held in the hand, the Condom attached to the glans and subsequently unrolled with the lips towards the root.

In both cases, however, the woman should be fine be careful, the condom not through long or pointed fingernails or with your teeth to damage.