Cervicobrachialgia at C6 / C7


Cervicobrachialgia, neck and arm pain, radiculopathy, nerve root pain, back pain, lower back pain, lumbar syndrome, root irritation syndrome, compression syndrome, herniated disc, facet syndrome, vertebral joint pain, myofascial syndrome, tendomyosis, spondylogenic reflex syndrome (cervical spine, spinal column)


Under a cervicobrachialgia one understands a mostly chronic pain syndromeaffecting the neck area on the one hand and one or both arms on the other. Reasons for the emergence are manifold. Regardless of the underlying cause, most of the time it's that annoythat are in the field of Cervical spine along and past and for different reasons a certain one irritation Experienced.

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The spine is difficult to treat. On the one hand it is exposed to high mechanical loads, on the other hand it has great mobility.

The treatment of the spine (e.g. herniated disc, facet syndrome, foramen stenosis, etc.) therefore requires a lot of experience.
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Often it is quite harmless tension in the so-called short neck muscles that lead to increased pressure on the nerves that pull out of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae. There is increased irritation, which leads to the indicated symptoms of cervicobrachialgia. Tensions are usually found accompanying the other causes and also delay the recovery process.

It is not uncommon for it to be a degenerative disease of the cervical spine that leads to a pain syndrome in this area of ​​the body. Bad posture and excessive strain can cause the cervical vertebrae to wear out unevenly, which also leads to irritation of the nerve fibers in this region with every head movement. Since the nerves radiate into the arms at the level of the cervical vertebrae 6 and 7, the symptoms are always indicated there in addition to the sore throat.

Instead of a purely degenerative disease of the cervical vertebrae, a herniated disc of the cervical spine can also occur. This would then also have to take place between vertebral bodies six and seven if the disease is to be called cervicobrachialgia.

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Accidents can also lead to such severe changes in the cervical spine that corresponding restrictions and complaints can occur. In almost all cases, the complaints are based on mechanical problems that lead to strong pressure on the nerves in the cervical spine. Trauma to the cervical spine usually occurs in car accidents, motorcycle accidents or various sports accidents. While severe injuries are often associated with paraplegia, lighter injuries are more likely to lead to a chronic course. In addition to the altered vertebral bodies, the acute symptoms after a spinal trauma can also result from bleeding after the trauma, which can often lead to nerve constriction days and weeks after the accident. All benign and malignant neoplasms in the area of ​​the cervical spine also have a pressure-increasing effect. Certain tumors can also grow slowly or quickly and the first symptom to be triggered is cervicobrachialgia.