Lower bone muscle


Latin: M.. infraspinatus

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The infraspinatus muscle is a three-sided, elongated muscle. Like the trapezius, it has three different parts.

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Insertion / origin / innervation

Approach: Middle facet of the large humeral hump (Tuberculum mjus humeri)

Origin: Scapula fossa (Fossa infraspinata scapulae)

Innervation: Suprascapular nerve, C2

How is the muscle trained / contracted?

The lower bone muscle is not a muscle that is specifically trained. It develops with the conventional training of the back muscles. Only in bodybuilding are exercises used that specifically train the lower bone muscle.

These exercises train the infraspinatus muscle.

  • Lat train
  • Back insulator


The Lower bone muscle (Infraspinatus muscle) is primarily an external rotator. The upper part of the subbone muscle works as a lifter and the lower part as an abductor of the shoulder joint.