Illustration breast cancer

Figure breast cancer: vertical section through the nipple of a mammary gland

Breast Cancer - Breast Cancer
(Malignant tumor of the mammary gland)

  1. Axillary lymph nodes -
    Nodi lymphoidei axillares
  2. Lymph vessels -
    Vasa lymphatica
  3. Milk duct -
    Lactiferous duct
  4. Lobule of the mammary gland -
    Lobuli glandulae mammariae
  5. Adipose tissue -
    Corpus adiposum mammae
  6. Cancer cell -
    Cell with altered genetic material
    (Mutated cell)
  7. Nuclear body -
  8. Cell wall
    Breast Cancer Symptoms:
    a - Enlarged lymph nodes
    b - lump in the chest
    c - fluid leakage
    from the nipple
    d - skin dimples in the chest
    e - change in color,
    Size, shape of the chest
    A - ductal carcinoma
    (80%) - milk duct cancer, developed
    located in the cells of the milk ducts
    A1 - Paget's carcinoma -
    a ductal carcinoma develops
    especially in the nipple tissue
    B - Lobular carcinoma
    (15%) - lobular cancer,
    arises in the mammary gland lobules

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