Figure hair growth in women

Figure hair growth in women: areas of the body and therapeutic measures

Hair growth in women

  1. Hair growth over the
    Upper lip
  2. Hair growth in
    Cheek area
  3. Hair growth on the chin
    "Lady's beard"
  4. Armpit hair
  5. Hair grew around the
    Areola of the nipple
  6. Hair on the chest
  7. Hair growth on the forearm
  8. Hair on the stomach
  9. Hairiness in the genital region
  10. Hairiness at the transition to
  11. Hair growth on the lower leg
    Diagnostics and therapy:
    A - Wet shave depilation
    (pleasant, only visible part
    the hair is removed)
    B - epilation (painful, the entire
    Hair including the hair root
    will be removed)
    C - With the tweezers
    plucking out (only individual hairs)
    D - hair removal products
    (Creams, lotions, foam),
    skin irritant
    E - women's beard ointments
    (Sugar paste, vaniqa cream,
    Bleaching cream)
    F - lightening
    with a bleaching, bleaching
    G - wax depilation -
    Hot or cold wax
    (not completely painless)
    H - flash lamp, IPL
    (intense pulsed light),
    permanent elimination
    I - laser therapy -
    permanent hair removal
    J - treatment with hormones -
    (Cyproterone acetate, finasteride, flutamide)
    Potential harm
    in pregnant women,
    Damage to the liver!

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