Figure pain in the upper arm

Figure Pain in the upper arm: right shoulder girdle and upper arm, causes (A-D)

Pain in the upper arm

  1. Collarbone - Clavicle
  2. Upper bone muscle -
    Muscle supraspinatus
    (second layer)
  3. Bursa -
    Subacromial bursa
  4. Shoulder joint
  5. Deltoid -
    Deltoid muscle
  6. Two-headed upper arm muscle
    (Biceps), long head -
    Biceps brachii muscle,
    Caput longum
  7. Two-headed upper arm muscle
    (Biceps), short head -
    Biceps brachii muscle,
    Caput breve
  8. Upper arm shaft -
    Corpus humeri
  9. Upper arm muscle (arm flexor) -
    Brachialis muscle
  10. Upper arm spoke muscle -
    Brachioradialis muscle
  11. Elbow joint -
    Articulatio cubiti
  12. Spoke shaft -
    Corpus radii
  13. Ellschaft -
    Corpus ulnae

    A - shoulder joint arthrosis
    B - torn muscle fiber
    C - break
    D - Impingement Syndrome

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