Bandage for the treatment of hallux valgus

The bandage as a conservative hallux valgus therapy

Lots of people working at one hallux valgus suffer severe pain when walking. Therefore, different types of bandages for hallux valgus have been developed to stabilize the ball of the big toe joint to relieve and protect against external pressure (which can arise, for example, from a shoe) so that walking is as pain-free as possible. It is important that the bandage fits snugly so that it can adapt to movements without slipping and still be worn under a stocking and in a shoe.

Newer models combine a bandage with a Hallux valgus splint, here there is for example the popular "Hallufix". It has the advantage over conventional splints that, due to its mobility, it can be worn not only at night but also when the foot is under stress and the advantage over the simple ones Hallux valgus bandages has that it is firmer and has been proven to correct the toe misalignment or prevent progression for longer.

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This hallux valgus splint consists of different parts:
A valgus bandage with a small splint is attached around the big toe, which is supposed to correct its misalignment. A bandage including a splint is also placed around the metatarsus, which not only provides additional strength but also ensures that the transverse arch of the metatarsus is straightened. This ensures that the Metatarsus is in an optimal position and at the same time a splayfoot, which is often associated with hallux valgus, is also corrected.
Between these two bandages is located on Big toe joint a built-in rail joint, which means that the mobility of the Foot is not restricted. The splint can be worn day and night and in principle for any kind of movement. However, especially at the beginning, you shouldn't overdo it and wear the Hallufix only once a day. It is recommended for people who have a mild to moderate level of difficulty hallux valgus suffer to prevent it from getting worse and reduce pain. However, it also shows after one Hallux valgus surgery their effect to continue to support the joint through the bandage and to promote healing.

Both bandages and the Hallufix splint can be purchased in common medical supply stores or on the Internet, can be put on by the patient themselves and are usually bilateral.