Contractubex® is one of the most effective and best-selling products in scar treatment. Contractubex® is available as a gel, to be massaged in, or as an intensive patch, to be stuck on overnight, and is characterized by its very good effect and tolerance.

Contractubex® can be used on a wide variety of forms of scars, such as surgical scars, scars after laser treatments, acne scars, burns or scalds, as well as stretch marks. With its special active ingredient complex, Contractubex® manages to significantly reduce the visibility and size of scars, to soften the skin and to alleviate or even eliminate unpleasant side effects such as a feeling of tension, pain and itching.

Formation of scars

scar arise through a Injury to the skin, for example through Cut, crush or Abrasions or Burns. After the open wound is sealed with a blood clot, repair processes are induced in the skin that lead to an increased formation of inferior connective tissue, which closes the wound. This creates a scar.
If the wound edges are smoothly delimited and well adapted, the skin grows together without any problems and usually only a thin, light line remains, which is barely visible over time.
Problematic are however very large, wide-gaping wounds, or Wounds without smooth wound edges. They heal slower and more complicated and often leave a wide, noticeable one and cosmetically disturbing scar. Some scars don't close properly, become hard and begin to tighten.
With wound healing disorders can atrophic (sunken) scars because not enough connective tissue is formed, or hypertrophic scarsin which there is an overproduction of connective tissue. The scar then looks like a bulge and rises above the skin level. The latter happens especially when the wound is not spared or the wound becomes infected.
Most problematic are the Scar keloids, one benign growth of scar tissuethat goes beyond the wound area and proliferates into healthy tissue. Here are especially youngsters and young women affected. Also dark-skinned have an increased tendency to form keloid. To counteract such complications, early application of Contractubex®, preferably immediately after the wound has completely closed.

Active ingredients

Contractubex® contains three active ingredients, which reinforce and complement each other in their effect.
Heparin has an anti-inflammatory effect, loosens the tissue and promotes blood circulation in the old scar tissue.
Allantoin promotes wound healing and helps against itching.
The third active ingredient is a Onion extract (Extractum cepae), which has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, regenerative and anti-proliferative effects, which prevents the formation of excess scar tissue. The Combination of all three active ingredients causes besides that better penetration of the gel in the deep layers of skin, Where it his most effective effect achieved.


Unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor, should Contractubex® Scar gel several times a day gently massaged into the scar tissue become. If the scars are fresh, the gel should be massaged in gently. Extreme cold or the UV light exposure should be avoided. For older, hardened scars, Contractubex® scar gel should be massaged vigorously into the scar tissue several times a day. Can be helpful also a Ointment bandage be overnight.
Depending on the size, age and thickness of the scar, one is recommended regular use over several weeks to months.
Contractubex® scar gel should not be stored above 25 degrees and should be used within six months.

A alternative to Contractubex® scar gel is that Contractubex® Intensive patch. These are thin plasters that can easily be cut to size depending on the size of the scar or stuck on top of each other and stuck on overnight.
Contractubex® intensive patches support the body's natural regeneration process and help also to soften old, hardened scars and to reduce, such as Smooth keloids and to reduce. To a good result to achieve should the Patches regularly for at least 6 hours, for a maximum of 12 hours, be worn. It is advisable a new intensive patch every day to be used regularly over a period of at least 3 months. Is important in the application from all Contractubex®Products make sure that the Wounds are completely closed, and you Thoroughly clean and dry beforehand.

Use during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children

So far there are no risks for pregnant women or breastfeeding known. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult a doctor before taking Contractubex®. At Children under three years of age should Contractubex® not be applied.

Side effects

The common side effects are local skin irritation, in the form of Redness or itchy wheals. Rare are allergic reaction, one possible darkening of the skin in the field of application or a Atrophy of the skin. During the application of Contractubex® it can also lead to a temporary itching come. However, this is most likely related to the remodeling processes in the skin and should not be a reason to discontinue therapy be.


So far are no interactions with other drugs known. As a precaution, however, the intake of Contractubex® should be discussed with a doctor.


Contractubex® scar gel is available in different pack sizes, from 30 grams to 100 grams. It is priced between 20 and 35 euros, depending on the package size, and is free for sale. Contractubex® Intensive Patch is also freely available and comes in packs of 21. The price is between 20 and 25 euros.