The Bach flower Beech

Description of the flower Beech

This grows up to 30 m high tree. Male and female flowers thrive on the same tree. Flowering time is in April to May.

State of mind

You judge other people without any empathy. One is addicted to criticism, arrogant and intolerant.

Expression children

Children in the Beech state seem extremely smart, no one is fooling them, they appear "precocious". It is noticeable how quickly they find other children stupid and don't want to play with them. she tend to nag and reject anything foreign (unknown dishes are pushed aside without trying). Someone specific Tendency towards intolerance and prejudice can be seen in utterances such as "Jule never learns to calculate!"

Expression adults

People who need Beech see everything very critically according to narrow, own standards. Other people are judged without wanting to put themselves in their position or their feelings. One has prejudices that one cultivates “If I can already see that, then that's enough for me!” Without having had any experience.

Other people's stupidity is difficult to deal with. There is no mercy. This attitude irritates the environment and there is no exchange, one isolates oneself always more. The personality hardens, one is petty, pedantic, unyielding, tense inside. The corners of the mouth pulled down, the cheek area tense. Discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract are often the result.

Existing problems are not taken into account and in order not to have to think about them, one throws oneself into all kinds of activities. Outwardly relaxed, inwardly tense one is vulnerable to many types of drugs and has small, hidden vices.

Aim of the Bach flower Beech

Beech can encourage people to develop compassion and tolerance, even though they recognize the weaknesses of others immediately. You can use your good judgment constructively for yourself and the general public. The certainty that, as a small cog, you resonate in the bigger picture and are not separated from it Feeling of unity, kinship and harmony.

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