Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid


One of the most prominent features of the aging process is the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. These are usually caused by a natural decrease in the inherent elasticity and resilience of the skin and the underlying tissue. However, wrinkles can also be caused by soft tissue defects that have nothing to do with the normal aging process.

The beginning of the 25thThe year of life marks a point at which the body and its metabolic performance begin to change drastically. For this reason one speaks of the beginning of skin aging from this point in time. However, signs of age do not express themselves in the same way in every person and the progression of the aging process and skin aging does not always take place at the same speed.

Factors that have an external effect on the body (so-called exogenous factors) can have a negative impact on skin aging. Excessive consumption of nicotine and / or alcohol, for example, is considered to be a radical accelerator of skin aging. UV light also has a negative effect on the skin's elasticity and resilience and therefore accelerates skin aging enormously.

Correction methods

In the Mending from Facial wrinkles one fundamentally differentiates between two methods:

  • The skin and / or the underlying tissue can on the one hand surgically be tightened (so-called Facelift)
  • in addition, wrinkles and bumps in the complexion can be caused by the Introduction of artificial or endogenous volumes will compensate.
  • Another, but very controversial and also risky method, is the application of Botox (Botulinum toxin). It's about a bacterial neurotoxin, which triggers paralysis of the facial muscles and in this way tightens the wrinkles.

The Wrinkle treatment With Hyaluronic acid in contrast, forms a gentle processwhich is significant compared to botox injections and surgical face lifts lower risks conceals.


Hyaluronic acid is a artificial, tissue-friendly materialthat can be introduced into the tissue to fill in wrinkles and imperfections in the skin. Novel hyaluronic acid products can be problem-free inject and provide a long-lasting smoothing effect.

The execution wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid is done in most cases outpatient without subsequent hospital stay. Initiating a general anesthetic is unnecessarybecause the treatment absolutely painless under local anesthesia can be carried out.
Especially small, superficial wrinkles and skin imperfections (for example upper lip wrinkles) can be treated with wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid balanced become.

During the application will that material with the help of a thin needle into the areas of the face to be treated brought in, The hyaluronic acid is then distributed evenly within the furrows and thus effectively evens out visible wrinkles. The Result usually works very well Naturally.

Risks and costs

Compared to surgical face lifts, the Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid barely noteworthy Risks.

In patients with very sensitive skin it can follow the application in the field of Puncture sites to Redness and or Inflammation come. You can also small vesicles form in the treated areas of the face, but these usually heal again very quickly and leave no permanent damage.
Some patients complain of the appearance of wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid in the first few days after wrinkle treatment Swelling in the treated areas of the face. These swellings can develop through careful, intensive cooling however, be reduced.
Also the formation of Bruising in the Areas in which one Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid cannot be excluded.

The costs of the Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid are based on the one hand scope the necessary measures and on the other hand after desired end result.
Little loss of elasticity and Degrees of relaxation (read: small wrinkles) can already be too comparative cheap prices Getting corrected. Since wrinkle correction is a plastic, aesthetic treatment, the procedure is not covered by either statutory or private health insurance. They are in German clinics costs for one Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid between 200 and 1000 euros.