Home remedies for low blood pressure


Low blood pressure is a common disease, but it usually goes unnoticed. However, there are some people for whom low blood pressure makes itself uncomfortable in various situations through symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, tiredness or a high pulse. The reasons for this are varied and cannot always be clearly stated. The actual cause can also be masked by other symptoms. In addition to medication, the blood pressure can also be raised with various household remedies.

These home remedies can help with low blood pressure

The therapy options that are used to treat low blood pressure and are referred to as home remedies are all part of the class of conservative therapy.
They are easy to understand and can be mastered without a great deal of material expenditure.
Anything that gets the circulation going and can also stabilize it in the long term comes into question.

For example, before getting up you can begin to move slightly and prepare your body for it.
Here, for example, the legs can be rotated or the feet can be moved up and down.
Breaks on the edge of the bed instead of getting up quickly can prevent blood from sinking and thus low blood pressure.

Any kind of endurance sport is said to prevent dizziness and the other symptoms of low blood pressure in the long term by stabilizing blood pressure. Alternating baths or Kneipp sessions are also said to have a circulatory stimulating effect.
So-called compression stockings are also helpful.
They prevent the circulating blood from permanently sinking into the vessels of the leg, in which the vessels are compressed.
This forces the blood passively back to the heart. Another essential factor in increasing blood pressure over the long term is drinking enough fluids.
This effect is reinforced by an increased intake of salt.
However, caution should be exercised here, as this can also increase the blood pressure too much.

How do Kneipp baths work?

Cold water is required when using Kneipp affusions.
As a rule, there are special facilities for this, in which you can walk through knee-high water.
However, any container is suitable, for example a bathtub that can hold water for a long time or a cold stream.
One moves a part of the body, which can also include the arm, for a long time in the cold water until a strong cold can be felt.
Then the body region should be warmed up again, for example by movement.
Kneipp courses are supposed to stimulate the circulation, among other things, through stronger blood circulation and thus raise blood pressure.

Alternating showers

With alternating showers, you alternately shower with cold and warm water for some time.
The time it takes for the water temperature to change should not be too short and should be at least half a minute to a minute.
If the water is too warm or too cold, you can adjust the temperature to your personal temperature perception.
Like the Kneipp courses, alternating showers are supposed to stimulate the circulation through increased blood flow and thus raise blood pressure.

Compression stockings

Compression stockings are also one of the home remedies in the therapy of low blood pressure.
However, the compression stockings that are used today are mostly prescribed by the doctor and specially produced.
Compression stockings are usually used when lying down for long periods of time.
They are also worn during the day or at night for various chronic diseases.
They prevent the circulating blood from permanently sinking into the vessels of the leg, in which the vessels are compressed.
This forces the blood passively back to the heart.

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Does drinking a lot help?

Drinking enough fluids, especially clear fluids such as water or tea, is an effective way to prevent low blood pressure.
In general, the daily fluid requirement of an average adult is around two liters.
The fluid that enters the blood via the intestines increases the volume of the blood, which can generate higher pressure in the vascular system.
In addition to positive effects on blood pressure, positive effects on the heart or kidneys can also be observed, for example.
You should also make sure that the liquid contains enough electrolytes, as otherwise negative effects are to be feared.

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Home remedies that can be used during pregnancy for low blood pressure

Low blood pressure during pregnancy can have serious consequences on the development of the unborn child and should therefore be monitored in any case.
In addition to using home remedies, a doctor should also be asked for advice because of the high risk.
As with low blood pressure, which does not occur during pregnancy, it is advisable to drink enough water during pregnancy to keep the volume of fluid in the vasculature high.
Care should also be taken to ensure that there is sufficient salt.
Since exercise is difficult during pregnancy, but the positive properties of exercise are still retained, you can also go for regular walks as an alternative.
Positive effects are also observed with compression stockings.
However, wearing these can lead to complications, which is why the legs can alternatively be placed high.
This also leads to a higher return of blood to the heart.
If there is a desire to increase blood pressure by eating special foods, the opinion of a doctor should also be sought beforehand.

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Does a glass of champagne help?

Drinking a glass of sparkling wine has various effects on blood pressure in the human body.
In general, drinking alcohol initially leads to a widening of the smaller vessels, which lowers blood pressure and often leads to reddening of the face due to increased blood flow.
However, depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of alcohol or accompanying smoking, an increase in blood pressure can occur, although this also varies from body to body.

Thus, a glass of sparkling wine does not initially help to increase blood pressure.

What do liquorice root do?

Licorice root contains a molecule that, like a drug, induces an increase in blood pressure in the human body.
In this way, consuming liquorice root can effectively and over time stabilize blood pressure at a higher level.
However, the effect only lasts as long as the molecule is in the body or is not broken down.
Thus, for example, regular exercise is a more sustainable way of raising blood pressure.
The best way to take the liquorice root as a tea is to pour hot water over it and let it steep for a while.

The tea should be drunk several times a day over a longer period of time as required.

Lemon water to raise blood pressure?

Citrus fruits such as lemons contain a high amount of ascorbic acid or vitamin C. This vitamin affects the metabolism of the human body in numerous places without its mode of action being fully understood. Because parts of the metabolism of the hormonal system are also affected, vitamin C is said to increase blood pressure. However, this is not clearly proven. It is best to squeeze a lemon into a glass and add water. This also has the positive effect of increasing the volume of liquid in the vessels.


Since homeopathy is based on natural substances, some of which are also found in foods such as coffee or tea, a positive effect on blood pressure can be observed when such agents are used correctly.
In doing so, attention should be paid to the instructions of the treating homeopath.
As with any therapy, however, the benefit often depends on the cooperation and even on the patient's belief in the success of the therapy.

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