Back of the head and forehead muscles


The occipitofrontalis muscle raises the eyebrows.

Latin: Occipitofrontalis muscle
English: occipitofrontal muscle


The back of the head and forehead muscle is one of the mimic muscles and pulls them eyebrows up. The forehead is wrinkled horizontally, which is also known as a frown. The second muscle belly can also move the scalp.


Approach: See plate of the skull roof (Galea aponeurotica)

Origin: Frontal bones, occipital bones, and temporal bones

Innervation: Facial nerve


The back of the head and forehead muscle has two muscle bellies. The so-called "Venter frontalis" is mainly for pulling up the Eyebrows and the frown in charge. The "venter occipitais", on the other hand, tenses the common tendon plate into which other facial muscles radiate. Together, the two muscle tummies also move the scalp.