Hollywood Diet

What is the Hollywood Diet?

The Hollywood Diet promises to lose a lot of weight within a few weeks as part of a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet with exotic fruits and seafood.

Food combining, lots of protein and a varied menu characterize the Hollywood Diet. You can even lose up to eight kilos in two weeks with the Hollywood Diet, as the daily calorie intake is very low.

The diet has its origins in the 1920s and even then helped the actresses in Hollywood to lose weight quickly.

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Course of the diet

The Hollywood Diet is carried out for between two and four weeks, during which no more than 1000 calories are ingested with food per day.

The foods in the Hollywood Diet are mainly composed of protein-rich foods, such as fish and lean meat.

The diet is particularly rich in exotic fruits that are supposed to get the metabolism going. Between 600 and 800 calories can be consumed with food every day.

Duration of the diet

The background to this is the assumption that carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, bread, etc., which are eaten together with protein, are not digested but are stored in the form of fat.

Therefore, the Hollywood Diet provides for separate consumption of fat and carbohydrates.

In principle, fruit should be eaten separately because it is digested quickly and the valuable enzymes it contains can work better. The menu includes vegetables, nuts, eggs, seafood, soy products, lettuce, fruit and exotic fruits. Lean meat and fish are high in protein.

Salt, sugar and fat are greatly reduced on the menu, while carbohydrate suppliers such as potatoes, rice or pasta are prohibited. With this diet, up to 60% of the daily calorie intake comes from protein-rich foods.

In case of hunger pangs, fruit can be taken as a snack. Water, unsweetened coffee and tea are allowed, but also light drinks and non-alcoholic beer. The aim is to achieve a daily quota of 600 - 800 calories for the fastest possible weight loss.

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Hollywood diet with drops

Not infrequently, as part of diets such as the Hollywood Diet, appetite suppressants are also taken to prevent hunger attacks with low energy intake.

Appetite suppressants can be purchased over-the-counter as drops in pharmacies and drugstores, they are supposed to promote rapid weight loss in a natural way by ensuring a faster feeling of satiety. Appetite suppressants can support any diet and, especially in this radical diet, help to maintain the strict diet.

Side effects of the diet

The Hollywood Diet contains a lot of fiber, which can cause gas and gas.

Switching to seafood, soy products and exotic fruits can lead to digestive problems at the beginning of the diet.

In addition, a common side effect of the Hollywood Diet are food cravings due to the lack of carbohydrates and the generally low calorie intake.

The low energy intake makes you tired or lacking concentration more quickly, which can make dieting difficult during working hours.

Criticism of the diet

The Hollywood Diet is not for the tight budget, as exotic fruits and fresh lobsters are very tasty and healthy, but also very expensive in the long run. The low calorie intake quickly causes food cravings and often leads to the yo-yo effect after the diet. You can feel tired and unable to concentrate. In particular, the dangers such as deficiency symptoms should be taken seriously.

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What are the dangers and risks of this diet?

Since the diet is low in fat and carbohydrates, there is a risk of nutrient deficiency.

Grains contain many B vitamins and are only on the menu in the Hollywood Diet in small amounts.

In addition, there are fat-soluble vitamins, which are often not consumed in sufficient quantities in a very low-fat diet. In addition, the high protein intake increases the risk of a gout attack or kidney stones in the long term.

The risk of getting a yo-yo effect is very high if you radically fall into "old patterns" after the end of the Hollywood diet and increase your calorie intake significantly.

Where Can I Find Good Hollywood Diet Recipes?

There are numerous Hollywood diet recipes that can be easily cooked on the Internet.

If you prefer to have paper in front of you, there are also a variety of recipes in the form of books on the Hollywood Diet.

The advantage in the books is that the corresponding diet plan can be found in a structured manner and the diet can be carried out more easily according to the instructions.

How much can I lose weight with this form of diet?

The Hollywood Diet promises very quick weight loss if less than 1000 calories are consumed with food each day. You should be able to lose at least four and up to eight kilograms of body weight in just two weeks.

How much you can actually lose in such a short period of time depends, among other things, on the initial situation. People who are very overweight lose weight much faster and more on such a radical diet than people who only want to lose two or three kilos. Sport also promotes weight loss.

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How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

If you limit the daily energy intake to less than 1000 calories, the metabolism changes and switches to the back burner.

This greatly increases the risk of a yo-yo effect after the end of the diet.

The body fears another period of hunger and stores the energy from food in the fat deposits. To prevent the yo-yo effect, it is helpful to gradually switch to a higher calorie intake while maintaining a healthy, balanced diet over the long term. Exercise boosts your metabolism and helps maintain weight.

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Medical evaluation of the Hollywood Diet by

A great advantage of the Hollywood Diet is the very rapid weight loss of four to eight kilograms in just two weeks.

Since the menu of the diet is very varied, the food does not get boring so quickly and the diet can be maintained more easily.

However, individual foods on this diet can be very expensive. A major disadvantage is the high risk of deficiency symptoms due to a vitamin deficiency, which can result in weakness and nervous disorders. The extremely low calorie intake promises quick weight loss, but is essentially unhealthy. The body lacks vitamins and minerals, at the same time the metabolism switches to the back burner, so that a yo-yo effect is almost inevitable after this diet.

The diet is ideal for losing weight quickly. However, the body should not be allowed to lack nutrients for several weeks, so be careful with the Hollywood Diet.

What alternative diets are there to the Hollywood Diet?

If the low calorie intake of the Hollywood Diet is not feasible and the risks are too great, the low-carb diet, for example, which is considered to be easier to implement. Here, carbohydrates are increasingly replaced by protein so that the body gains its energy from them and breaks down the body's own fat instead of building it in.

A well-known low-carb diet is the low-carb Atkins diet, which consists of individual Atkins phases and provides a plan. If it is difficult to avoid carbohydrates, you can try diets that contain particularly carbohydrates, such as the rice diet. The cabbage soup diet is also popular for quick weight loss.

In general, people who have previously done less sport should start training slowly and gradually increase.

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