Homeopathy for saddle joint arthrosis


In the initial stages of osteoarthritis of the thumb saddle joint, you can use homeopathic remedies in addition to conservative therapy methods.
Which remedy is most suitable should be decided individually depending on the pain, the time at which the pain occurred, the nature of the pain, but also the character of the patient.

Caulophyllum (female root)

Caulophyllum has a special relation to the small joints on hands and feet:

Here the mobility of the joints is limited, which are typical pulling pains from wandering character. When the joints move, they often crack. Improve heat applications the pain. A Aggravation of pain occurs mainly at cold and at night on. A particular reference to Caulophyllum is that menopausewhen the pain in the joints in women is temporally related to the onset of menopause and the absence of it Menstrual period stand.

Most common exponentiation: D2, D3, D4

Otherwise, the specifics of the type and occurrence of pain can be included in the choice of medication.

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Homeopathics for attacks of pain


Causticum works especially for general physical and mental weakness, and with very compassionate people. It is often used for pain that starts suddenly and intensifies in cold and dry weather. Burning, tearing pains that are better at the beginning of the movement and then worsen over time are typical for this group of patients. Those affected often feel as if the joint is dislocated and the tendons are too short. The muscle strength of those affected decreases.

Most common exponentiation: D4, D6


Colocynth is prescription only, up to and including D3!
It is particularly effective when those affected suffer from severe pain and numbness that shoots in at lightning speed. Patients are often characterized by their impatience and anger. The pain is exacerbated by cold and relieved by warmth and firm counter pressure.

Most common exponentiation: D4 to D6

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Pulsatilla (pasque flower)

Pulsatilla is prescription only, up to and including D3!
The pain in those affected is typically tearing, tense, stabbing and wandering. They worsen when the limbs droop, at rest, from warmth and in the evening. Improvement is achieved through continued exercise and cool applications. Warmth is generally poorly tolerated. The patients ask for fresh air. They are often mild personalities who are quickly sad and easily despondent but can easily be comforted.

Most common potentiations: D3 to D12

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Relief of pain through exercise

The following homeopathic medicines can be used if patients experience improvement in pain symptoms while moving. Which remedy works best depends, among other things, on the type of nature of the patient.

Lycopodium (Bärlapp)

The pain is worse at rest and when it is warm, it occurs especially at night in the warmth of the bed. Continued exercise will ease the pain. On the right side, the pain is often worse. Cramps in the feet and toes can also occur. Typical is weakness in all muscles with a feeling of bruising.

Most common potentiations: D3, D4, D6

Rhus toxicodendron (poison sumac)

The symptoms are accompanied by a great deal of restlessness, and those affected have the constant urge to move. This is because exercise relieves discomfort as the joints gradually shrink. The symptoms worsen with rest, wetness and cold. Patients feel the pain as if the joint was too short or strained. These are often the result of overloads.

Most common potentiations: D4, D6


As previously described, Pulsatilla is a common remedy that can be used by those affected who get better with movement.

Pain relief from cold applications

The following homeopathic medicines can be given as a supplement to patients who experience an improvement in pain through cold applications and also have a pain-relieving effect.

Ledum (swamp porst)

The pain worsens for those affected by warmth, especially warmth of bed. The patient is considered to be chilly, but the joint complaints are improved by the cold, especially by cold showers.

Most common potentiation: D2


Pulsatilla has already been reported in the two previous sections. Pulsatilla is recommended as a supportive measure in patients who experience pain relief with cool applications.