Orange peel


English: orange skin


Under an orange peel (Cellulite) one understands a dented, distributed over a larger area of ​​skin
Skin structure that occurs under the skin due to weak connective tissue.

Causes and forms

The skin consists of the different layers of the epidermis (epidermis), Dermis (Dermis) and subcutaneous tissue (Subcutis). In women, the fatty tissue responsible for cellulitic effects lies directly under the subcutis. Connective tissue strands separate individual fat deposits from one another. Under the monthly influence of female hormones (estrogens), the connective tissue fiber strands begin swell up and down irregularlywhat to one Raising and lowering the subcutis leads. The various forms of swelling and swelling do not take place symmetrically, so that there are areas of connective tissue that are swollen at a certain point in time, while another possibly even neighboring area is swollen. Thereupon the smooth, firm structure of the superficial skin is abolished and dents are formed on the corresponding skin areas. If there is a slight irregularity in the skin structure, unbalanced metabolic conditions lead to an intensification of the effect. The blood and lymph circulation are counted among these metabolic processes. If the connective tissue structures swell and the fat cells swell, blood and lymph fluids can no longer circulate as they did before. As a result, more liquid is pressed into the surrounding tissue, which leads to a swelling of the tissue around the cellulitic area and further intensifies the dent-like effect.

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One can three different levels of orange peel (Cellulite) differ. If dents are otherwise not visible, but if you actively press two skin folds together and bumps become visible, this is usually called Stage 1 designated.
If you only see the dents in the Standing and lying down if these have disappeared, one speaks of Stage 2. Cellulitic skin changes visible when standing or lying down are referred to as Stage 3.
Cellulite (Orange peel) is no skin diseasebut rather a structural change that is often treated for cosmetic reasons. From a biological point of view, the different skin structure in men and women has the effect that, due to the accumulation of fat under the subcutis, the skin is usually more elastic in women and in processes that require increased elasticity (e.g. a birth) yielding of the skin can be guaranteed.

Affected areas

Due to the different proportions of fat in the body and the different distribution of fatty subcutaneous tissue, there are some Body areaspreferred by cellulitic lesions are affected. These include the legs and the buttocks as main bodies.


Because of the different structure of the skin at Men and women are most common women of the Orange peel (Cellulite), as the fat deposits responsible for cellulite, in contrast to male skin, are located directly under the subcutaneous tissue and are delimited by connective tissue structures that can swell. In addition to the different skin structures, women also have the higher levels of estrogenwhich, depending on the cycle, causes the fat cells to swell and swell. There female hormones as Main causes of cellulite are considered, the first skin indentations begin in women with entry into the puberty. In most cases, when the first increased levels of estrogen begin to be released, no cellulitic skin areas can be recognized. With advancing age, the Redistribution processes of blood and lymph and thereby further swelling of the surrounding skin areas, making the cellulite more visible. Usually this occurs in the Age between 20 and 30 years on. Depending on how high the Total subcutaneous fat in the body is, the cellulitic changes will become stronger or weaker in the further course. The more fat a person has, the clearer it becomes Orange peel. From Orange peel (Cellulite) are 80-90% of all women different age groups affected.

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