Inner wing muscle

The medial pterygoid muscle pulls the lower jaw forward.

Latin: Medial pterygoid muscle
English: medial pterygoid muscle

Synergists: Temporalis muscle, masseter muscle
Antagonists: Digastric muscle


Of the inner wing muscle (Medial pterygoid muscle) is a masseter of the Skeletal muscles and together with the Temporalis muscle and Masseter muscle responsible for closing the jaw. In addition, it grinds the ingested food by pulling the lower jaw forward.


Approach: Mandibular bone (Pterygoid fossa)

Origin: Sphenoid bone (Pterygoid fossa)

Innervation: Medial pterygoid nerve of Mandibular nerve


Of the inner wing muscle closes the jawby having the Lower jaw raises. For this he forms with the Masseter muscle (Masseter muscle) the so-called 'Chewing muscle loop'' on the outer edge of the jaw, which enables a strong development of strength.

In addition, the inner wing muscle is responsible for grinding the food ingested. He can also move the jaw forward through unilateral contraction and thereby grind the food.

common illnesses

The inner wing muscle plays a role in diseases and malpositions of the Temporomandibular joint such as the craniomandibular dysfunction. You will also find further complaints of the temporomandibular joint here.