Remove lady's beard


A woman's beard (i.e. hair growth in the upper lip and / or cheek area in women) is not uncommon and can either be genetic or caused by certain hormonal disorders.
The physician speaks of hirsutism in such a case. Many affected women suffer from this condition extremely, although it is not actually a medical problem, and want nothing more than to get rid of the superfluous hair. There are several methods of doing this.

Hormones Cause Excessive Hair Growth?

First of all, it is important not to remove the hair (or have it removed) without first speaking to a doctor (preferably a dermatologist) or a doctor who specializes in metabolic disorders (endocrinologist) about a possible causal disease not to be overlooked.

Depending on which reason is responsible for a woman's beard, a certain treatment route is then taken. In patients who have a disorder of the adrenal gland or the hormones produced here or an excess of male sex hormones (androgens such as testosterone), which is not only present in the genital organs, but also in the adrenal gland or in the context of a tumor If it is produced in a completely different place in the body, drug treatment with hormones can be carried out. With a well-adjusted hormone level, the annoying beard usually disappears again.

The hair removal

If, however, a woman's beard is not caused by hormones, this often means a lengthy treatment for those affected, although there is still no therapy available with which a woman's beard can be reliably and permanently removed.

For short-term hair removal, however, there are a number of very effective methods. The easiest thing to do is to simply shave your hair off. This process is quick, easy and inexpensive. The disadvantage, however, is that the hair is only cut off superficially while the root is retained. As a result, the hair grows back quickly and the resulting stubble is often conspicuous and annoying due to its thickness. In this way, the result really only lasts for a short time.

Long-term success can be achieved by removing the hair root as well. This can be achieved on the one hand by epilating the woman's beard. The hair and its roots are plucked out. However, the better result is bought with a much more painful treatment compared to shaving. Here, too, the hair grows back, but only after a longer period of time and then also thinner and finer, so that it is not so noticeable. Waxing or removing a woman's beard with the help of a sugar paste (a mixture of water, sugar and lemon) are options that work just as well as epilation, although most people find treatment with sugar paste a little less painful .
You can also use a depilatory cream, there are even some that are specially designed for women with increased hair growth, for example Vaniqa cream.

In Germany, such creams usually require a prescription, so doctors only actually prescribe them when there is actually a medical problem. The application must be permanent, but also promises a pleasant result if used carefully. It is best to first remove the hair, for example with an epilator or a sugar paste. Then you should wait a few minutes before applying the cream. The cream contains a certain active ingredient, eflornithine, which ensures that hair growth is slowed down on the one hand and that the hair is also softer and thinner when it then grows back on the other. This treatment has the advantages that it is usually painless and has almost no side effects. Their disadvantage is that a result takes several weeks, on average about six to eight. But then it lasts a long time.

Home remedies for removing a woman's beard

A woman's beard is usually perceived by those affected as unaesthetic and masculine. In general, one can assume that significantly more women are affected by a lady's beard than is assumed. About 8 percent of all women have a lot of hair on the face. Since this male hair growth in women can have a multitude of causes, the determination of the underlying cause should be in the foreground in addition to removing the female beard. For this reason, a visit to a suitable specialist can often help to solve the problem. Nevertheless, many of the women affected are wondering how they can remove the lady's beard themselves with simple home remedies. In this context, however, it must be noted that there are no home remedies that help to permanently remove a woman's beard. Home remedies are only used for the temporary removal of annoying hair in the facial area. Especially with dark hair above the upper lip and / or on the chin, bleaching the hair can be helpful. Suitable bleaching agents can be purchased in the drugstore or pharmacy.

In addition, cucumber water is one of the most popular home remedies that can help temporarily remove a woman's beard. Affected women should rub their beard several times a day with fresh cucumber water. After an exposure time of around five to ten minutes, this home remedy can simply be washed off with a little lukewarm water. The effect of cucumber water is based on its bleaching properties.

Another home remedy that can help remove a woman's beard temporarily is to use a standard razor. When shaving, however, it must be ensured that the fine hairs are only removed superficially. Because of this, shaving must be repeated daily or every two to three days.

Sugar paste is a popular home remedy for women with a particularly pronounced beard. About 200 grams of sugar should be heated in a pan and brought to caramelize. Then 100 milliliters of lemon juice must be mixed with the caramelized sugar. This home remedy, which can help remove a woman's beard, can simply be applied to the fine hairs. In addition, a thin, sturdy cloth should be placed over the sugar paste. As soon as the mass has dried, the sugar paste can be pulled off with the cloth. In this way, the stuck hairs together with the root are pulled out of the skin. The effectiveness of this home remedy can be further increased by thoroughly degreasing the woman's beard before applying the sugar paste. If the woman's beard consists only of a few longer hairs, removing it with tweezers may be sufficient. To use this home remedy, those affected only need simple tweezers, which can also be used to remove eyebrows.

In addition, the fine hairs of the women's beard can be bleached with lemon juice. However, this home remedy is usually only effective for very light hair types. Dark hair on the face often reacts little or no reaction to bleaching with lemon juice.

Epilation of the woman's beard

The patient has to choose the ideal method for removing a woman's beard, depending on the individual psychological stress and expectations.

One way to remove a woman's beard is to epilate. An epilator is an electrical device that, to put it simply, consists of many small tweezers that automatically remove the hair at the root. The fact that the hair has to grow back first enables a long-lasting result of usually several weeks. The prerequisite for using an epilator on the face is either a narrow epilator suitable for the face or a special attachment that is suitable for the smaller areas of the face.

The best time to perform an epilation is after you shower or at least wash your face. The widened pores then surround the hair roots a little more loosely and are therefore more accessible to the epilator. Since the skin should be clean and free of grease before epilation, it is advisable to wash the skin with mild soap beforehand. Then the area should be dried well. To relieve the pain, the area of ​​skin from which the hair is to be removed should be stretched. It is advisable to press the lips together, as this will stretch the skin over them well and also the sensitive skin of the lips is not at risk of being hit by the epilator. It is best to start epilation at the lowest speed by slowly moving the epilator over the skin between the mouth and nose.

After epilation, the area of ​​the skin should be cooled and creamed well. The big advantage of epilation is the long-lasting effect. The application is very simple and not time-consuming. It is also advantageous that the epilator also grips fine hair and thus leaves a completely smooth skin surface. The major disadvantage of removing a woman's beard with an epilator is pain. For this purpose, epilation is only possible when the hair has reached a certain length and the epiler can grip it. In addition, pimples and redness can develop, especially on sensitive skin.

Removal with a spiral

One way to remove a woman's beard is to use a hair removal coil. This is an epilation method. The hair removal spiral looks like a curling iron. The spiral is a flexible stainless steel rod with small slots incorporated. For use, the stick is placed over the upper lip or on the chin, depending on where the woman's beard is to be removed. No paste, foam or cream is required, the stick is placed directly on the skin.
If it has been correctly positioned, it is rolled over the woman's beard. It is important to roll slowly so that the hair can be removed sufficiently. By continuing to turn the hair removal spiral, the female whiskers including the hair roots are plucked out. The spiral must be repeated several times - back and forth - rolled over the hair to be treated.
The pain is roughly the same as if you were using tweezers to remove hair. According to the manufacturer and some experience reports, the method with the hair removal coil is a little less painful. This may be possible because the stick remains on the skin and is not pulled upwards like with the tweezers. After use, the sheath can be removed from the stick. Clear water is sufficient for cleaning.

Growing the lady's beard

Cold or hot wax is suitable for waxing.

The removal of excessive body hair with the help of wax is now one of the most popular methods. When choosing the most suitable product, however, it must be borne in mind that not every wax is suitable for removing a woman's beard. For this reason, only special wax that is suitable for removing facial hair should be used.

In principle, one differentiates so-called "Cold wax", Which is already worked into small peel-off strips, of hot wax (Warm wax). Since heated wax products can be better adapted to the shape of the face, it is much more suitable for removing a woman's beard. Hot wax usually consists of a mixture of melted resins that can completely cover all hair and pull it out of the skin along with the hair roots.

The common hot wax products are sold as small beads that have to be melted before use. After melting, the liquid wax can be applied evenly to the area of ​​skin to be treated with a wooden spatula. After a short waiting period, the cold, hard wax can be removed with a quick, jerky movement. The best result is always achieved when the wax is pulled off against the direction of hair growth.

The advantage of using warm wax products lies primarily in the fact that the heat acting on the surface of the skin ensures that the skin pores open. In this way, the unloved ladies' beard can be removed much more easily. An optimal result can only be achieved if the area of ​​skin to be treated is thoroughly cleaned and degreased before the wax is applied. Otherwise there is a risk that the wax will not create a sufficient bond with the hairs of the lady's beard. In addition, performing a peeling before using the warm wax can help open the pores and make depilation more painless. Women who find it too cumbersome to use warm wax products can alternatively use pre-made cold wax strips.

In most cases, however, these cannot be used to achieve optimal results. In addition, hair ingrown with cold wax is much more common. The reason for this can be the lack of opening of the skin pores before the fine hairs are pulled out.

Remove the lady's beard with sugar paste

Using sugar paste has become one of the most popular methods for removing a woman's beard. The advantage of this method is that the sugar paste can be made by yourself. In most cases, the necessary components are available in every household and therefore do not have to be procured separately. In addition, removing a woman's beard with sugar paste is considered to be one of the gentlest procedures ever and is similar to hair removal with the help of ordinary wax. The hairs in the area of ​​the women's beard are also torn out of the skin. However, many testers report that the use of sugar paste is much less painful.

Before use, around 200 grams of sugar must be heated in a pan and thus caramelized. Then about 100 milliliters of lemon juice (preferably the juice of a fresh lemon) should be mixed with the caramelized sugar. While it is still warm, the sugar paste can be spread on the hairs of the lady's beard. In addition, a thin, stable cloth should be placed over the area of ​​skin coated with sugar paste. As soon as the sugar paste is completely dry, the cloth can be pulled off the surface of the skin with a jerky movement. In this way, the hairs stuck together with the sugar paste are pulled out of the skin together with the root. The effectiveness of this home remedy can be further increased by thoroughly degreasing the woman's beard before applying the sugar paste. In addition, a careful peeling can help to open the pores before the sugar paste is applied and thus make it easier to remove the beard.

Remove the woman's beard with a cream

The creams should be tested before final use.

Various creams or pastes can help to remove the unloved beard, at least temporarily. In this context, lightening creams need to be differentiated from hair-removing pastes. Especially for women with a light hair type, a particularly gentle cream can help to conceal the women's beard. Women with dark hair and / or a pronounced female beard, on the other hand, usually have to use a more aggressive cream. Suitable products can be purchased in the drugstore as well as in the pharmacy.

The whitening cream should be gently applied to the affected skin areas. After application, an individual exposure time must be observed for each product (this can be found on the packaging of the cream). The cream must then be rinsed off thoroughly with sufficient lukewarm water to remove the beard.

However, women who want to remove their women's beard with a whitening cream should urgently note that the product must be tested on a small area of ​​skin before using it. If there is an incompatibility with the selected product, bleaching must not be carried out under any circumstances. Only if there are no skin symptoms at the test site after an exposure time of 48 hours (for example Redness) occur, the cream may be used to bleach the women's beard.

In addition to the bleaching agents, creams and pastes can also be used for hair removal. In contrast to the usual depilatory products, special medicinal creams work deep in the skin on the hair roots. By regularly applying this cream, hair growth can be significantly slowed down and contained. The hair of the women's beard then not only grows back more slowly, but also becomes much thinner.

You can find more about depilatory cream here: Depilatory cream.

Laser the lady's beard

Another option is to laser treat the woman's beard. This destroys the hair including its hair roots, which also prevents rapid regrowth.
For a satisfactory result, several sessions are always necessary, each of which costs around 50 to 80 euros. How long it takes for the hair to grow back varies from person to person and varies from a few weeks to several years. The disadvantage is that this procedure is actually only suitable for women with dark hair and that the skin of some suffers greatly from the treatment. On the one hand, there can be direct damage from the heat and then there is a risk of consequential damage, such as early skin aging, which cannot be precisely foreseen at first.

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Bleaching a lady's beard

At the bleaching the women's beard is not removed, but lightened. Because of this, this method is primarily for women with a dark lady's beard suitable. Means for bleaching a woman's beard contain two different means: First, one opens Oxidizing agent the pores and at the same time softens the hair. This allows the bleach to get into the hair and remove the dyes from it.

Since the skin on the face is very sensitive, care should be taken that the whitening cream suitable for facial skin is. Ideally, a bleaching cream is chosen that is tailored to the individual skin type. Especially with sensitive skin, it is advisable to carry out a tolerance test, for example on wrist. A hair bleaching kit usually consists of a can of bleach powder and a bottle of bleaching cream. A plastic cup and a plastic spatula are also included. It is important that neither cups nor spatulas are made of metal, otherwise the effect of the whitening cream limited becomes.

Bleaching powder and bleaching cream are now mixed in a ratio of 1: 1. Once a homogeneous mass has been formed, it is removed using the spatula Corner of the mouth Applied out towards the center of the upper lip. After about five minutes (details can be found on the packaging of the bleaching kit) the Bleaching cream removed with the spatula. It is best to first remove a small part and see whether the hair has already been lightened. If this is not the case, you have to wait a little longer. Remaining residues are removed with cold water, then the skin must be dried completely. The specified exposure time must always be observed. If you exceed this it can happen that not only the hair, but also the Skin bleached so much It will end up being a lighter hue than the whiskers and the rest of the skin on the face.

The big advantage of bleaching a lady's beard is that Freedom from pain. The method is cheap and quick and easy to use. In addition, the process does not require any medical help and promises a relatively long success. Since the hair is not removed but merely lightened, there is also no stubble. As the hair continues to grow, dark hair will become visible again after about two weeks. The disadvantage of bleaching a woman's beard is that it is not removed, but only made less visible. Due to the ingredients of the remedy, it can Skin irritation and also to allergic reactions come. For women who are sensitive to smell, the intense odor of the product is another disadvantage.

There is no perfect method for removing a woman's beard, depending on the individual picture, the level of suffering and the expectations of a patient, the patient has to choose the most suitable procedure (if necessary in consultation with a doctor).

Pain Removal - How To Reduce Pain?

Most of the methods of removing a woman's beard are more or less painful.
The wet shave method is considered to be one of the least painful methods. Provided, of course, that you don't cut yourself with a razor blade. In addition, this method is less irritating and painless if a well-tolerated shaving foam is used for shaving. Afterwards, the depilated skin should be cream or oiled. However, the shave must be done regularly. The whiskers grow back again. Another disadvantage is that hair stubble remains on the skin because the hair roots are not removed.
Methods that remove the hair follicle are usually more painful. The area above the upper lip in particular contains many nerve branches and is therefore particularly sensitive. It is difficult to remove a woman's beard entirely without pulling and pinching. However, there is often a slight getting used to it. This means the more often the woman's beard is removed, the less painful it is - in some cases. One trick that can reduce the pain is using ice cubes. These can be used to cool the area to be depilated over the upper lip. This lowers the sensitivity of the skin in the area. As a result, the pain is felt less strongly. Alternatively, you can use an ice pad. If the skin has been numbed by the cold, the hairs of the ladies can be removed with less pain using cold wax strips. Then the depilated area can be rubbed with baby oil or another well-tolerated facial oil.
Another method, which according to the manufacturer and some experience reports, should be largely painless, is the use of IPL devices. IPL stands for Intensed Pulsed Light. The device contains a xenon lamp. This lamp emits flashes of light at regular intervals. The women's whiskers absorb the flashes of light. Here these are converted into heat. The resulting heat reaches the hair roots. There is a kind of desertification there. This results in a growth inhibition of the hair of the female beard. Hair removal salons use these devices. But now it is also possible to buy these devices for home use.

The IPL technology is a light-based method for permanent hair removal. Learn more about this at: Permanent Hair Removal With IPL - What To Look For!