Natural bodybuilding - what is it?


Natural bodybuilding is one of the many ways to build muscle mass. As is already contained in the term “Natural”, it is about building muscles naturally without the help of doping agents and other substances that are not found in a healthy, balanced diet.
Natural bodybuilding is about building muscle through pure strength training and a healthy and balanced diet. The basic idea of ​​this type of bodybuilding is the use of recognized training methods in combination with the sensible use of food supplements and a healthy diet. The aim is to counteract the use of doping substances.


Before going into some examples regarding training, everyone should be aware that there is no standard workout that leads to a defined and muscular body. Every body reacts differently and therefore one cannot generally say that one or the other training method works best. Everyone should try out for themselves which training system they can get along with best. However, you can still stick to a few guiding principles to make the training effective.

First you should go for one Training goale.g. Give enough time to build muscle. Especially when building muscle you shouldn't want too much too quickly. In addition to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones also have to adapt to the loads and this can take up to several months.

The muscles respond first to a stimulus (Strength training), whereas the other structural elements of the body need more time to adapt to certain loads. In natural bodybuilding, the athlete responds to this peculiarity and increases e.g. don't move the weights too fast.

A another point In natural bodybuilding training, one should focus not only on building muscle, but also on that other strength skills, how Speed ​​power, Strength endurance and Maximum strength. A naturally strong body is very well trained in all strength areas and thus has a perfect interplay of the different muscle and body parts.

In natural bodybuilding he plays Muscle fiber type also play an important role. Basically there are two different muscle fibers in the body, slow enduring muscle fibers (Type 1) and fast tiring muscle fibers (Type 2). The fast and also more easily tiring muscle fibers (type 2) are much more interesting for natural bodybuilding, as they are better for hypertrophy training (Muscle mass gains) are suitable. Their increase in volume is significantly higher than that of type 1 fibers.

To get the muscle gains you want, you also need the right training. A mixture of compound and isolated exercises is ideal for natural bodybuilding. The compound exercises train several muscle groups at once, whereas the isolated exercises train individual muscle groups. The majority of the training plan should consist of compound exercises to stimulate muscle building. In addition, you can then isolated strength exercises (e.g. Back training, Arm muscle training, Leg muscle training etc.), which increases the blood flow into the working muscles and thus creates temporary growth.

Natural bodybuilding for women

Training, Bodybuilding and weightlifting has always been a male domain, but in the last few years (around 1970) women have jumped on the bodybuilding bandwagon and train hard in studios and compete in bodybuilding competitions. You want to show men that they too can have strength and look muscular. The same rules apply to women as to men.

Doping is not an issue in natural bodybuilding, only training, recreation and the right nutrition are important. This can also be seen in the bodies of the women. These tend to be nowhere near as muscular as the men, as women simply lack the testosterone levels required to build more muscle. Above all, naturalness is in the foreground and the degree of definition of the muscles is very important for women in natural bodybuilding. It is precisely because of these health aspects that natural bodybuilding is so popular with women.

Many women do not want a muscle-packed body and are also not interested in taking dietary supplements, which in the end may still have side effects.

For women, natural bodybuilding is about the natural healthy exercise, without prohibited food supplements and doping substances. The goal of women who realize themselves in natural bodybuilding is not muscle mountains, but a firm, trained and healthy body. What is no different for women than for men, however, is the necessary discipline and motivation to persevere on this path. If you don't focus on your goal, you won't achieve it.

Nutrition plan

In addition to training, nutrition plays a very important role in natural bodybuilding, since all nutrients must be taken in through food. A nutrition plan is presented below, but it can only serve as a guide for this example. Everyone should have theirs Nutrition plan on yourself individually vote, as there is no ideal eating plan.

In order to have the discipline to stick to a nutrition plan, you should do one or two times a week Cheat meals build in. That means that you can one meal twice a week where you can eat anything and as much as you want. These meals are important to keep motivation up and not to give up at some point. However, it should stay with a maximum of two cheat meals per week.

The following plan is for an 80kg man who is building muscle and practicing natural bodybuilding. Food intake is on six recording times distributed.

  • There is a quarter liter for breakfast black coffee, three Scrambled eggs and two cups Oatmeal with cinnamon. By leaving out carbohydrates, the fat metabolism is boosted and the scrambled eggs provide enough protein to build muscle
    • diet

      Who before a competition or just like that diet If you want to insert, you should definitely take care of your muscles sufficiently protected and no muscle mass is lost or metabolized during the diet. The following sentence says how a diet should be in natural bodybuilding: "Dieting is like landing an airplane: slow, smooth and controlled". This principle should always be kept in mind when dieting before a competition.

      First you should do this with the Roughly calculate the calorie intake per day (please refer: Weight training and calories). You can roughly do this by taking your body weight at 44.44 (faster metabolism), 33,33 (medium metabolism) or 26.66 (slow metabolism) multiplied. With a fast metabolism, this can be around 4,000 calories for an athlete weighing 90 kilograms.

      A diet takes place at six days of the week (the seventh is a Cheatday). The nutrient distribution should be around 50-30-20 at the beginning (50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat).

      About every four weeks the carbohydrates are reduced by 50 grams and the protein to be supplied increases. This is done up to four days before the competition. Then go back to the initial distribution of nutrients (50-30-20) and increase the carbohydrate intake to almost 700 grams.

      The Training should be short and intense in the diet phase so that the body does not use the muscle protein for energy production. On five days a week is trained and two days are to Recovery and regeneration planned.

      A cardio unit is also on the program, but this is left out towards the end of the diet, as fewer and fewer carbohydrates are being supplied.

      Such a pre-competition diet for bodybuilders takes approx. five to six months and requires a good dose of stamina.