Earache - what to do?



What to do if you have an earache

The therapy for earache depends on the underlying disease. In the case of otitis media, pain relievers and nasal drops should be given. Possibly. antibiotics must also be given in severe cases so that the inflammation can regress.

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If the course is severe with a fever or if the symptoms do not resolve, antibiotic treatment would be switched to.
Inflammation of the mastoid (an adjacent bone of the skull on the ear) with protruding ear is an absolute emergency in ENT medicine and must be treated surgically.
Likewise, the numerous tumorous changes in the ear canal or the inner ear must be treated with an operation after a reliable diagnosis.

Any therapy can also be supported with homeopathic medicines. For more information, see: Homeopathy for Earache.

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Most diseases that cause earache do not have preventive measures. However, it has been found that secondhand smoke increases the incidence of otitis media rapidly. There are also studies that see a connection between childcare, low social status, non-breastfeeding, the use of pacifiers and the occurrence of otitis media. Traumatic injuries in the area of ​​the external ear canal can be prevented by avoiding cotton swabs or other pointed objects to clean the ear.


According to the causative factors, the prognosis is the Earache differently. On average, otitis media heal Children without consequences. In some cases, however, it can lead to chronic courses, which can also result from anatomical conditions (corridors that are too narrow, reduced air circulation). Ear drums pierced by cotton swabs or pointed objects can also heal almost without consequences with slight hearing impairment in the corresponding ear. The prognosis of malignant diseases depends entirely on the histological type (malignant / benign), after the spread, after the involvement of the Lymphatic system as well as accompanying factors that worsen the general prognosis.