Platinum metallicum

German term


Use of platinum metallicum for the following diseases in homeopathy

  • hysteria
  • depressions
  • Constraints
  • irritable weakness
  • Globe feeling in the throat
  • Inclination to Convulsions in children and women
  • constipation
  • Bleeding tendency
  • Fibroid bleeding
  • Irregular Menstrual bleeding
  • Discharge with itching

Use of Platinum metallicum for the following symptoms / complaints

  • Nerve irritation and inflammation of the nerves
  • sciatica
  • Elevated, arrogant being alternates with Anxiety and melancholy from
  • Deep moods suddenly turn into exuberance or irritability
  • Cold feeling towards others
  • The mental symptoms are based on sexual overstimulation and dysfunction
  • a headache which slowly increase and decrease with a feeling of coldness and numbness
  • constipation with a vain urge to defecate and difficult defecation
  • Stomach cramps
  • Menstrual period / Menstrual period too early, too heavy and too long. Annoying itching of the external genital organs
  • Fibroids of the uterus with a strong tendency to bleed
  • Rheumatoid pain, nerve irritation, numbness on arms and legs
  • It is typical that the symptoms slowly increase and slowly decrease again
  • Mental symptoms and headaches improve outdoors
  • All Pain have spasmodic and constricting character

Active organs

  • Central nervous system (CNS)
  • female genital organs
  • Nerve tissue
  • Gastrointestinal tract

Usual dosage


  • Drops of platinum metallicum D4, D6
  • Ampoules Platinum metallicum D6 and higher
  • Globules Platinum metallicum D6, D200