Slimming muscle

Latin: M.. gracilis

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The slender muscle (Musculus gracilis) is the longest and narrowest muscle of the adductors in the hip joint. It is also furthest from all muscles to the center of the body.

Other thigh adductors:

  • Comb muscle (M. pectineus)
  • Big Thigh Beater (M. adductor magnus)
  • Long thigh tightener (M. adductor longus)
  • short thigh tightener (M. adductor brevis)

Approach, origin, innervation

Approach: Medial of the shin roughness (Tibial tuberosity)

Origin: Edge of the lower pubic bone (Sciatic tuberosity)

Innervation: N. obturator and Tibial nerve

How is the muscle trained / contracted?

The slender muscle (Gracilis muscle) is contracted to build muscle through the following exercise:

  • Adductor machine

For more information, see Weight Training

How is this muscle stretched?

The following stretches apply to these muscles:

  • Comb muscle (M. pectineus)
  • Long thigh tightener (M. adductor longus)
  • Short thigh tightener (M. adductor brevis)
  • Big Thigh Beater (M. adductor magnus)
  • Slim muscle (M. gracilis)

The athlete stands approx. Double to three times the shoulder width apart, the toes point anteriorly (front). The weight is shifted to one side so that the thigh on the side to be stretched is almost stretched. The upper body should be kept upright.


The function of the slender muscle (Musculus gracilis) consists in an adduction (bring it sideways to the body) in the hip joint. Since the slender muscle is a two-jointed muscle, it also takes on the function of flexion in the knee joint.