Clod muscle


Latin: soleus muscle


Like the twin calf muscle, the clod muscle lies on the back of the lower leg and is almost completely covered by it. For the most part, it has s-t fibers and is therefore not responsible for fast-moving movements. The muscle is about 30 cm long, 8 cm wide and 2-3 cm thick.

Approach, origin, innervation

Approach = About the Achilles tendon on the calcaneal tuberosity

Origin = Back surface of the upper third of the calf leg and fibular border of the tibia

Innervation = N. peroneus profundus, L 4 - 5, S 1

How is the muscle stretched?

The muscle is stretched similarly to the twin calf muscle. The leg of the stretched muscle is not stretched, but slightly bent. Both toes point forward.