Chest contusion

Synonyms: Chest contusion


Under one Chest contusion one understands a violation of the Upper body (thorax) through blunt trauma without injuring bones. Also the internal organs are like heart, lung and vessels at one Chest contusion not damaged.
The causes are mostly blunt Trauma, for example Car accidents.


If a chest contusion is suspected, it is important to rule out injuries to other organs and bones. Depending on the severity of the injury, an X-ray or a CT scan may be sufficient.

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In the CT, not only the bony structures can be assessed, but also the internal organs, which is not possible with an X-ray image.
Only the bones can be assessed in the X-ray.

In addition, an EKG can be recorded to rule out an injury to the heart.
The diagnosis of chest contusion is, however, a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that it is first checked whether another diagnosis is more suitable. If all other diseases are excluded, the diagnosis of chest contusion can be made.
In about 80% there are initially no external signs of injury that suggest a chest bruise. Bump marks usually only appear later.


Symptoms of a contusion in the chest include:

  • Tenderness,
  • breath-dependent pain,
  • Pain with certain movements,
  • Resting posture and breathing.

The pain can last for weeks, sometimes even a few months, requiring treatment.

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Therapy of a chest contusion

Therapy for a chest contusion consists of symptomatic therapy and proplaxis. Analgesics (such as ibuprofen) are prescribed for the pain, and antibiotics are usually prescribed to the patient to prevent pneumonia. Physiotherapy can be beneficial to avoid long-term damage.

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