Wick medinait®

Active ingredients

Paracetamol, ephedrine, doxylamine, dextromethorphan, alcohol


Wick medinait® is a combination preparation made up of several active ingredients that is used to relieve cold symptoms. The various active ingredients are intended to relieve pain and coughing and to cause the nasal mucosa to swell. Wick medinait® is optionally available as a syrup or juice. The preparation can be bought in the pharmacy without a prescription.

Physiology / mechanism of action

Wick medinait® is used to relieve the typical cold symptoms.

Wick contains medinait as a combination preparation® four different active ingredients belonging to different drug classes. Paracetamol is one of the painkillers (Analgesics). It is used to alleviate common colds Articulated and Sore throat and has one at the same time antipyretic (antipyretic) Effect. Ephedrine belongs to the group of Sympathomimetics and resembles that adrenaline. In the dosage in the medinait it in Wick® occurs, it mainly serves to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa, which improves breathing.

The third active ingredient Doxylamine belongs to the Antihistamines. It relieves cold symptoms like sniff and also has a slightly sedating effect in this dosage, so it promotes falling asleep and staying asleep. The fourth active ingredient, dextromethorphan, belongs to the group of Cough suppressants (Antitussives). It provides relief from the common cold Coughing stimulus.

Side effects

The spectrum of side effects of Wick medinait® is made up of the individual possible side effects of the four different ingredients. They are listed below.

The active substance Doxylamine can, among other things

  • allergic skin reactions and hypersensitivity of the skin to sunlight (Photosensitivity),
  • Muscle weakness,
  • Fatigue,
  • dizziness and Difficulty concentrating,
  • Difficulty with the close-up reaction of the eyes (Accommodation disorders),
  • Tinnitus,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Constipation (Constipation) and diarrhea (Diarhea),
  • Urination disorders (Micturition disorders),
  • nausea and Vomit,
  • Liver dysfunction,
  • Palpitations (Tachycardia),
  • Cardiac arrhythmias,
  • Increase or decrease in blood pressure (Hypotension or hypertension),
  • EKG changes,
  • Worsening of an existing heart failure (Heart failure) and
  • Cause impairment of respiratory function.

The active substance Paracetamol can

  • Reddening of the skin and
  • Wheals,
  • Increase in liver values,
  • Changes in blood count,
  • a narrowing of the Bronchi and
  • with permanent use Kidney damage cause.

Epinephrine can to

  • Muscle tremors (tremor),
  • mental agitation and nervousness,
  • Palpitations and Cardiac arrhythmias
  • as well as difficulty urinating (Micturition problems) to lead.

Also, it should be noted that Wick Medinait® 18% alcohol by volume contains, this corresponds to about 50 ml of wine.


Da Wick medinait® Combining four active ingredients can lead to a variety of interactions with other drugs. The active substance Doxylamine works sedating (inhibits drive) and should therefore not be taken together with other substances that cause sedation. These include some Antidepressants, some Neuroleptics and Sleeping pills. A combination with alcohol should also be avoided because of the possibility of a significantly increased sedative effect.

Doxylamine has some so-called anticholinergic side effects on, this includes, among other things Constipation, Urination disorders, Dry mouth and difficulties with the close-up response of the eyes (Accommodation). Therefore, if possible, doxylamine should not be combined, or only carefully, with other drugs that have a similar spectrum of side effects. These include, for example tricyclic antidepressants. A combination with MAO inhibitors (Drugs used to treat a depression) should also be avoided. The active ingredient paracetamol can be used for long-term use with simultaneous intake of blood thinners (Anticoagulants) lead to their effectiveness enhancement, which in the worst case can lead to life-threatening bleeding.


Wick medinait® in the case of known hypersensitivity to one of the four ingredients (Paracetamol, ephedrine, doxylamine, dextromethorphan) cannot be taken. There are also the contraindications that apply to the individual ingredients. The most important are briefly listed below:

  • Paracetamol should be used in severe Hepatic insufficiency not be taken.
  • Contraindications to taking doxylamine are a specific form of the green stars (Angle-closure glaucoma), a Pheochromocytoma, an enlarged prostate (Prostatic hyperplasia) at the stage of residual urine formation and a pre-existing one epilepsy.
  • Contraindications to the use of Wick medinait® due to the active ingredient contained Ephedrine are high blood pressure (hypertension), Pheochromocytoma, a specific form of the green stars (Angle-closure glaucoma), an enlarged prostate (Prostatic hyperplasia) in the stage of residual urine formation and a Hyperthyroidism (Hyperthyroidism).
  • Other contraindications for taking Wick medinait® are asthma, COPD, (chronic obstructive airways disease), lung infection (pneumonia) and Respiratory failure.
  • Wick medinait is not suitable for children under 16 years of age. It's in the pregnancy and during the Lactation contraindicated. Da Wick medinait® Contains sugar, it should be used in various sugar metabolism disorders (for example the hereditary Fructose intolerance) should be used with caution.
  • Even in patients with diabetes must medinait the sugar content of wick® get noticed. Due to the slightly sedative properties of Doxylamine leads the taking of Wick medinait® impaired driving ability due to an increase in response time. Active participation in road traffic should therefore be avoided in the hours after ingestion. Wick medinait® should not from previously alcoholic persons be taken as it contains alcohol.


Adults and adolescents aged 16 and over should wear a measuring cap (30 ml) of the Wick medinait in the evening before going to bed® Take cold syrups.


120 ml Wick medinait® Cold syrup with honey and Chamomile aroma can be bought from 5.54 euros. 90 ml Wick medinait® Cold syrup for the night costs from 6.29 euros, 180 ml cost from 9.59 euros. Wick medinait® is only available in pharmacies, you do not need a prescription.