Figure inflammation after insect bite

Figure inflammation after insect bite: symptoms and therapy

Inflammation after an insect bite

  1. Redness
  2. swelling
    (Blisters or wheals)
    and warming
  3. Pus is indicative of a
    bacterial infection
    (See doctor)
  4. Inflammation of the lymphatic system
    also called "blood poisoning"
    designated (consult a doctor)
  5. Poison or other substances
    (e.g. saliva)
    A - injection site cooling
    with ice cream or quark compresses
    B - antihistamines in
    Tablet form or as gels and
    cortisone medication
    C - antibiotic therapy
    D - place cool with a
    sliced ​​onion
    E - The scratching after
    Possibility to omit completely

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