Warm up before running


A warm-up program is an integral part of running training and should not be neglected or discontinued. The warm-up prepares the body and also the mind for a coming stress, be it training or competition. There are numerous methods and techniques for warming up programs, but the intensity and duration of the warming up always depend on the personal condition of the athlete and the sport itself.

When you warm up, the muscles start to work, increasing the body temperature to 38.5 to 39 ° Celsius. This rise in temperature favors blood circulation and thus stimulates the circulation. In addition, the tension and mobility of tendons, ligaments and muscles are increased as there is an improved blood flow. Furthermore, injuries and muscle cramps are prevented by a good warm-up program.

Role of warming up

The increased temperature causes the athlete can perform more physically and mentallybecause the metabolic processes run better at a slightly higher temperature and become more effective. In the Musculature improves the provision of the required energy and it arises less friction between muscles, ligaments and tendons. In addition, the blood circulation is increased thereby the nutrients can be transported better and more numerous into the muscle cells. Also in the Joints the increase in temperature has positive aspects. The production of synovial fluid is stimulated thereby the cartilage increases in mass. The psychological aspects can lead to a increased motivation come and that Relief of existing tensions.

Things to be aware of

Not every sporting exercise can as a warm up be considered. There are a few things to keep in mind. On the one hand a warm up is not a workout, since during a workout the muscles may be stressed to the point of exhaustion. The Warming up prepares the muscles and the entire body only for a workout. It should also be assumed that not every warm-up exercise has the same effect. Rather, you should choose your exercises in such a way that they suit your own body constitution and your own fitness level. Too heavy and complex exercises should avoided be there no typical warm-up effect due to incorrect execution can be achieved. Stretching, for example, should either not be done at all before a running session, or only under the guidance of an expert, as it can quickly lead to counterproductive effects. By the stretch before a Run can it to Decrease in muscle tone come and the runner will be through it slower and more prone to injury.

Duration of a warm-up program

The Duration a warm-up program depends on various factors and cannot be answered directly. Factors like Age, gender, sport, fitness level and previous experience play an important role in the exercise selection for a warm-up program. You can tend to say that the faster the movements (sprint) and the higher the level of performance, the longer the warm-up should takeso that the body on the correct temperature comes and optimally on the coming Load prepared is.

Warm up before running

Who one Running unit want to graduate, should themselves before so warm up sufficiently. When running, the whole body is stressed and therefore has to well warmed up be. A relaxed trot that initiates running only warms them up Leg muscles. You should therefore still do that Exercises for the upper body perform to trunk, poor and move prepare. The upper body is extremely important for the running style. And running style, in turn, has an impact on energy consumption. The more economical the running style, the more energy is saved. Therefore, you should always warm up your upper body during a warm-up program.

Warm up exercises

The hip circles is a simple exercise to loosen the trunk and increase the mobility of the hips. A Stand hip-width apart With knees slightly bent and Hands on hips is the Starting position. Now we start to circle the hips slightly and over time to draw ever larger circles until you have reached the largest possible radius at the end. The pool should therefore be pushed all the way to the front, to the sides and all the way back, with circular movements being optimal. When performing, you should roughly 10 to 15 circles complete and really work from very small to very large. Also can the circles in both directions are executed.

Another exercise is that Torso rotation, in which the entire upper body is activated and warmed. The Feet stand again Hip width apart and the upper body becomes with a straight back to the front leaned into a horizontal position. The poor are located in the stretched position next to the shoulders and the Palms face down on the ground. Now the right hand and swings to the opposite left footwith the hip rotating with and the other arm up pointing in the air. After that will the left hand to right foot guided. The exercise should as long as slow and very controlled be executed until you something Security and practice. If the security is there, the exercise can also be done faster. End of exercise is after ten repetitions per side. Then the upper body is in the middle position Erected vertebra by vertebrauntil you are back in the starting position.

For the shoulder girdle and arms the exercise offers itself Backward shoulder circles on. Starting position is turn a hip-width stand with an erect upper body and raised sternum. The Shoulders become easy backwards pulled and the poor hang next to the upper body downward. With both shoulders are now carried out at the same time, first small, then in ever larger strong circles backwards. From this exercise you can fluently switch to another exercise, arm circles.

At the Arm circles doesn't change much about shoulder circles, only that here the whole arm is moved backwards in a circle, and not just the shoulder. The Circles should if possible big to cover the entire range of motion. The body remains stable in its position and the exercise continues 10 to 15 repetitions finished and continued with the warm-up program.

Finally ...

Many experts are of the opinion that a normal endurance run not necessarily a full warm-up program is necessary. A a slow start would be sufficient, to the body sufficient to one Prepare the running session. However, the higher the level of performance, the more thoroughly you should warm up, otherwise you will not have your full potential at the beginning. Especially with jerky movements or movements with high intensity, such as accelerating runs or driving games, you should not do without a warm-up. Otherwise the risk of injury is significantly increased. Everyone should decide for themselves whether and what kind of warm-up program to carry out.