Torn ligament on the elbow


The elbow joint consists of three components, the Humerus, of the Cubit and the spoke.

Bending and stretching movements can be performed here, but rotational movements of the forearm are also possible.
The elbow joint is surrounded by a tight joint capsule, and it is also stabilized by many muscles that stretch from the upper arm to the forearm, as well as by some ligaments.

Movements that exceed the normal range can damage the elbow joint or one of its components.
As in other joints, injuries to the ligaments, for example Torn ligaments arise.


A torn ligament in the elbow is often associated with a dislocation of the joint.

This requires a strong force on the elbow joint, which moves the forearm and upper arm in different directions.

A Torn ligament occurs when the tape is stretched beyond its normal range of motion.
This is often the case in sports, when fast, jerky movements are made, or when there is one Violence on the joint, for example in the event of a kick or an accident. Usually it is a combination of stretching and twisting movements that lead to a ligament tear.


A torn ligament usually goes through immediately strong pain noticeable.

As a rule, the person concerned notices immediately that something is wrong. Afterwards, the joint usually swells quickly. If the Dislocated elbows is (elbow dislocation) then the joint is abnormally mobile.

It is also possible that a bruise forms around the affected joint when vessels are damaged by the injury mechanism.

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Diagnosing one Torn ligament in the elbow joint must be provided by a doctor, such as an orthopedic surgeon.

If there is a suspicion, a X-ray examination carried out to detect or rule out any bone fractures.
In addition, the doctor performs various Function tests by moving his arm in different directions to get an overview of the overall situation.
Also performing a Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be useful if a torn ligament cannot be clearly demonstrated or excluded by the tests. Here can be special Soft tissues, including ligaments, are shown very well and a possible tear can be recognized.
Also possibly damaged structures like Muscles, Bursa and Blood vessels can be recognized on the MRI images.


At a Torn ligament in general, if it is a Sports injury immediately take a sports break.

It is important that To cool jointto keep the swelling as low as possible. Here are particularly suitable Ice cubes or one Cooling compresswhich is wrapped in a cloth beforehand to prevent frostbite. You can also cool quickly with cold water.

Next should be a Compression bandage to prevent further swelling of the joint. It is also helpful to position the joint high so that there is no excessive blood flow.

In any case, if a torn ligament is suspected, a doctor should be consulted who will make the appropriate diagnosis and initiate appropriate therapy. In most cases, if the ligament is torn, the joint will be used for 4 to 6 weeks immobilized and must not be burdened. Then you can start with light training. Even at the time of immobilization of the joint, the elbow should be chilled regularly become.

The treatment also depends on the accompanying symptoms. For example, is it a dislocated elbows, it must first be returned to its original position (repositioning). This may be an easy one anesthesia necessary.

If in addition to the torn ligament a Damage to the bones is present, the fracture must also be treated and surgery may be necessary. This must be decided depending on the extent.


Nerves and vessels run along the elbow that can be affected if a ligament ruptures.

Because a variety of annoy and Blood vessels near the Elbow joint run, it is possible that these were also damaged in the event of a torn ligament, especially if it was caused by violence.
The so-called Ulnar nerve runs directly below the protrusion of the elbow from the elbow to the hand and supplies both the forearm and finger muscles. If this nerve is damaged, it is expressed in Muscle weakness and in Sensory disturbancesaffecting the forearm on the ulna side and the hand.

Besides, it can despite a healed injury permanent instability of the joint. Depending on how severe this is, an operation to restore stability should be considered.


Usually it heals Torn ligament on the elbowif it occurs without any side effects, well by itself.

Does it still come to pass? Broken bones, or if several ligaments are torn, in most cases one is surgery necessary.
Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be necessary to use the elbow Plates and screws to return its stability. These remain in the joint after the operation. In some cases, when the extension of the ulna is severely damaged and cannot be reconstructed, one remains after the operation slight instability of the joint.

After the operation, the joint is immobilized with a splint for 6 to 8 weeks.
After 4 weeks at the earliest, light load to be started. Sport should be avoided for up to 6 months, depending on the degree of injury.


A torn ligament in the elbow joint can not leaning forward become.

In sport it is mostly the jerky, ill-considered movements that lead to the ligamentous apparatus tearing. You cannot prevent the use of force on the elbow either.

To minimize the risk of sports injuries is a intense warm-up important, in which the ligaments are extensively stretched.