Nausea is the stimulus or feeling of having to vomit urgently. It is therefore a precursor or omen of vomiting.
The body gives a signal through the nausea that something has been fed to it that it does not receive and tries to get rid of what has been fed by vomiting. Nausea is one Protection mechanism our body. The nausea is via the so-called Vomiting center conveys what is in the Brain stem our brain is located. It can be stimulated by various signals. These include Smells, balance, the psyche, toxins or increased pressure on the vomiting center.


There are many reasons for nausea. Mostly harmless causes are behind the nausea. If there is only a nausea without subsequent vomiting, this is also often triggered by psychological factors such as disgust at smells or looks. Nausea also occurs naturally in the context of gastrointestinal flu, which is caused by a viral or bacterial infection.
Nausea often occurs even after excessive alcohol consumption. In the case of nausea with accompanying vomiting, it should always be considered whether you may have eaten spoiled food or the like.
In addition, motion sickness, migraines or sunstroke can cause nausea. Some people also suffer from what is known as irritable bowel syndrome, which is associated with various complaints of the gastrointestinal tract, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea or nausea and nausea. These symptoms are aggravated in those affected by irritable bowel syndrome due to psychological stress / psychological stress.
Nausea, with or without vomiting, also occurs partly as an aftereffect of a previous anesthetic. Likewise, but usually more pronounced, this also occurs as a side effect of chemotherapy. A concussion can lead to headache and nausea and vomiting. In addition to these rather harmless causes, increased intracranial pressure, which can be caused by a tumor, for example, can lead to nausea with vomiting, as the increased pressure irritates the vomiting center.
If you feel nauseous, you don't have to think about a brain tumor. Such a suspected diagnosis can only be considered if the nausea or vomiting cannot be explained otherwise.

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Further symptoms of nausea

The most common accompanying symptom of nausea is that nausea. They often go hand in hand. Whereby the nausea mostly in front the nausea occurs. Vomiting often occurs as a result of the urge to vomit.
In addition to nausea, it often occurs heartburn (Burning / pain behind the breastbone), because the urge to vomit often transports acidic stomach contents towards the mouth through the esophagus. Because the esophagus is not so acidic PH value how the stomach is laid out, this manifests itself partly in heartburn.
If the underlying cause of the nausea is a gastrointestinal infection, the nausea is usually caused by Diarrhea and partly too stomach pain accompanied. Fever and sweats are also common with an infection.

Nausea when brushing your teeth

Some people feel a strong urge to vomit when brushing their teeth, so that they constantly have to choke. This is of course very uncomfortable. Where this gagging comes from cannot be said clearly to this day. Maybe with these people the Gag reflex, which is usually only triggered when the back of the pharynx is touched, more pronounced.
There are various measures that can relieve nausea when brushing your teeth. For one thing, it helps Breathing through your nose instead of using the mouth to suppress nausea. Also trying it out different types of toothpaste can help. If necessary, a toothpaste is found that does not induce nausea. Because tastes and smells can also stimulate the vomiting center in the brain.
A smaller toothbrush, for example a children's toothbrush, can also help. Some patients also report that the nausea does not occur when brushing their teeth with an electric brush. Bending your upper body forward while brushing your teeth can also relieve nausea. This means that less toothpaste comes into contact with the sensitive mucous membrane of the throat. Unfortunately, there is no standardized therapy recommendation against the nausea when brushing your teeth.

Nausea in the morning

A nausea in the morning makes women especially quick to think about a pregnancy, with one Morning sickness is a known symptom. Nausea or nausea in the morning can also occur without an existing pregnancy, for example before breakfast.
This nausea is then often caused by one low blood pressure (Circulatory weakness) and / or one to low blood sugar levels (Hypoglycaemia) conditionally.
Food and fluid intake at breakfast will help normalize this again. For other people, the reason for nausea in the morning is again because they eat too early. Some do not feel an appetite after getting up early and have to force themselves to eat something, which sometimes leads to nausea. In these cases one should wait a little before eating.

Nausea when smoking

Nausea can also occur when smoking. This is often triggered by smoking on an empty stomach. In this case, you should be particularly careful not to smoke before breakfast. It can also be caused by smoking too Circulatory problems come and cause nausea. This is especially the case with smokers who smoke very little.
Even if you are pregnant, smoking can suddenly trigger nausea or nausea. Of course, not every nausea that occurs when smoking is a pregnancy.

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Medication for nausea

The nausea can be remedied with the help of medication, among other things. This is especially suitable for this Antihistamine Dimenhydrinat, which goes by the trade name Vomex® or Vomacur® is known. The drug can be obtained from the pharmacy without a prescription and it is used both for therapy for existing nausea and for prophylaxis. It should not be used in children under two years of age.
The drug acts on the vomiting center in the brain. For example, it is often used in advance of travel in the event of motion sickness. Even with the consequences of a strong one Alcohol consumption, in the form of a "hangover" the next morning, you can relieve the nausea by taking a Vomex® tablet.
Rules of conduct to combat nausea as a response to excessive alcohol consumption include getting fresh air, drinking still water, taking cold showers, and avoiding high-fat foods. Instead, you should use light foods.

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Home remedies for nausea

Various home remedies are suitable for suppressing nausea. On the one hand, you should follow basic rules of conduct if you have nausea and nausea. This includes that Avoid high fat Meals and carbonated Drinks. In order not to irritate the stomach unnecessarily, should be Light food like pretzel sticks, rusks or bread are used.
Water should only be drunk in small amounts in portions, but often. Drinking cola often helps patients who feel nauseous or nauseous. As a home remedy for nausea has proven itself ginger reinforced. For example, ginger can be taken in the form of a tea. Besides ginger is also peppermint a potent remedy. For example, peppermint can also be used in the form of a peppermint flavored chewing gum.
Also chamomile, fennel and Caraway seed can relieve nausea.
Also a heat source on the stomach, e.g. in the form of a grain pillow can reduce nausea.

Treatment of nausea in children

If possible, anti-nausea medication should not be given to young children. Alternatively, the home remedies and rules of conduct already mentioned are suitable. The herbal remedy available over the counter at the pharmacy is also effective Iberogast®, which can be used for nausea and abdominal pain and soothes the gastrointestinal system.
If there is nausea or nausea due to chemotherapy, so-called serotonin antagonists are usually used "Setrons“Prescribed by a doctor. These are very effective drugs, but are generally only approved for chemotherapy in the case of nausea.

Induce nausea

The most well-known method of triggering nausea is the manual ("manus" = hand) triggering of the gag reflex, that is, "sticking your finger in your throat". To do this, you should use two fingers (index and middle finger) to press the posterior pharynx Touch and press your fingers down. The effect is based on the fact that nerves run along the back of the pharynx that are connected to the vomiting center in the brain. Often one pulls the finger back too quickly due to the uncomfortable feeling, so that there is only a gag reflex and not the actual nausea / vomiting.
Alternatively, you can use another object such as a toothbrush instead of your finger, which may be easier for some. It is best to stand bent over during the procedure so as not to choke on yourself while vomiting.
In addition to this method, there are a number of home remedies whose effects have not been scientifically proven. One of them is, for example, the preparation of a mixture consisting of warm water and mustard. This mixture must then be drunk. After about half an hour, vomiting may occur.Another home remedy is to drink a highly concentrated salt solution, although it should not be forgotten that large amounts of salt are harmful to the body!
Sometimes a nausea also has to be triggered with medication. For example in the case of poisoning. However, vomiting must not be induced in all forms of poisoning.
A strong emetic is for example Break root (Ipecacuanha). It can be given as a syrup and after about 30 minutes the desired effect occurs.
Also a form of morphine that Apomorphine, can induce vomiting. Apomorphine mimics the effect of the messenger substance Dopaminewhich normally stimulates the vomiting center. The drug-induced vomiting is rarely used in medicine.

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