Chest hair


Chest hair is the hair on the chest (especially on the man).
There are three different types of hair in humans: lanugo hair, vellus hair and terminal hair. The chest hair is one of the terminal hairs, which, in contrast to the rest of the body hair, is thicker, firmer and more strongly pigmented.

Hair development

First of all, the hair is on the chest in both men and women just like the vast majority of body hair Vellus hair, so thin, soft and unpigmented.

As part of the puberty However, this hair continues to develop in many men Terminal hair, they are hiring secondary sex characteristic The color of these hairs differs from person to person, but mostly it is roughly the same Color of hair on the head.
It increases during puberty Androgen levels (especially the hormone testosterone) in men, whereupon various changes take place on the body, including the formation of chest hair.
For most men this starts on End of pubertyat about 14, but with some not until much later, between about 20 and 30 years of age, and with still others there is no real chest hair.

Usually the darker chest hairs appear first in the middle between the two breasts and then spread first to the sides and finally also up and down. How pronounced the hair growth on the chest is depends on that Hormone levels especially from the genetic predisposition and the Age from.

Chest hair growth usually increases with age and being reached Maximum around the age of 60 around. Hence there is one great variability in the case of chest hair, whereby both a bare chest and a chest completely covered with hair are considered normal in men.
In women it is also possible that Chest hair too Terminal hair convert. If this only affects individual hairs, this is usually except for that aesthetic problemthat many women have with it completely harmless, but should larger areas be affected, so are mostly hormonal disorders responsible for.

Chest hairs in men

The development of chest hair in men usually begins at the age 14-16 years under the influence of male Sex hormones, especially that testosterone. In some cases, the formation of chest hair does not begin until between the ages of 20 and 30 or does not appear at all. The growth of chest hair decreases in men with increasing age and finds its greatest expression in the sixth decade of life.

The type of hair in men is naturally very different from that of women. So are typical locations the reinforced body hair in men the chest, the inner thighs, the abdomen and pubic region, as well as the face (Whiskers).

In women there is usually no thicker hair here. If, in spite of everything, there is increased hair growth, this can be an indication of a drug side effect or another disease.

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Chest hair in the woman

Chest hair is in women not typical and often a sign hormonal imbalances or endocrinological Diseases (Metabolic disorders). Two diseases that are associated with an uncontrolled or a typical male hair pattern (beard growth, chest hair, abdominal hair) are the Hypertrichosis and the far more common Hirsutism.

In the Hypertrichosis is it a general, increased body hairwhich can occur in both women and men. The hair does not follow a typical male hair pattern, but can affect these areas (e.g. chest). In hypertrichosis, the hair can either diffusely distributed grow over the whole body, or just in certain places. For example, chest hair can also occur in women. Possible causes there are many for hypertrichosis. Important causes include hormone-producing tumors, drug side effects (e.g. with minoxidil and diazoxide), hereditary diseases or circulatory disorders.

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Of the Hirsutism is a rather rare condition in women affected by a typical male hair is marked. Typical consequences are sudden beard growth, one Chest hair, as well as an uninterrupted one Pubic hair up to the navel. The cause of hirsutism is usually the increased production of the male sex hormone Testosteronewhich can be the result of various underlying diseases. Typical causes for this are e.g. the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (Polycystic ovary syndrome), Adrenal or Ovarian tumors; Metabolic diseases or the side effect of special drugs (e.g. anabolic steroids or spironolactone). In many cases, however, an exact cause cannot always be determined.

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However, it is important to consult a doctor in the event of the symptoms described above. This can be done using a Blood test determine whether it is something harmless, a Hypothyroidism, one hormone-producing tumor or one hormonal Imbalance (Imbalance) acts. Then further steps of a therapy can be planned.

Depending on the cause of the increased body hair in women, arise various therapy options. If a hormone-producing tumor is the cause of the increased hair, it is usually one surgery Therapy of choice. If drugs are the cause of the disease, they can possibly be discontinued in consultation with a doctor and switched to alternatives. In some cases, increased body hair can also pass through Hormone therapy treat in the effect and education male sex hormones is suppressed.

Symptomatic can use different ways of Hair removal like shaving, plucking, Epilation, Waxing or lasers help.

Culture and aesthetics

What kind of Chest hair is considered beautiful differs depending on the culture very crucial. While in many cultures it is considered a Signs of masculinity if you want to flaunt lush chest hair, that has western ideal of beauty largely developed so that men prefer to wear as little hair as possible on their chests. This trend started in the USA and quickly spread, especially through the media. Although the chest hair does not cause any health problems, more and more men are starting to remove the hair in this area of ​​the chest.

For that there are different possibilities. Most resort to one classic wet shave back. However, it is also an option to use a Depilation laser to have the hair on the chest removed permanently, although this only works with dark hair. Here, laser pulses are used over a large area on the affected area, whereby the Hair roots deserted become. In recent years in particular, however, some have again felt the desire for thicker chest hair, which can be achieved through a Breast toupee can meet.

Remove chest hair

Among the most popular and widely used methods of Hair removal include the typical shaving, epilation, waxing and various laser procedures.

The Shave, especially the wet shave is the fastest and most popular type of hair removal for men. Through her Simplicity it is suitable for every part of the body and easy to implement. Chest hair can especially be removed by a electric razor trim, trim or remove completely. The key benefit of shaving is hers easy to use, Availability and the painlessness. However, the downside is that rapid hair regrowthso that the next shave is due again after two to three days.

In the epilation are using a Epilator (with tweezers inside) the hair removed as a whole at the root. Of the advantage This method of hair removal is that the following hair grows back more slowly and, above all, softer, so that the next epilation is only due after 2 weeks. However, the disadvantage of epilation is the short pain when tearing out the hair. This is especially on sensitive areas often uncomfortable like in the face, on the chest or in the genital area.

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If used incorrectly, the hair roots can also grow in and cause small inflammatory reactions (pimple formation) on the skin. The slightly more pleasant alternative to waxing would be sugaring, in which the chest hairs are removed in the direction of growth using a sugar paste. In combination with the various hair removal methods, antibacterial and calming care afterwards is very important. One example of this is the Dr. Severin Body After-Shave Balm from the pharmacy.

Antibacterial aftershave balms can also help disinfect and soothe the skin. This is especially true after hair removal. One example of this is the Dr. Severin Body After-Shave Balm from the pharmacy.

At the Waxing are the chest hairs means cold wax streak or with help hot wax away. The waxing may last up to 6 weeks what is particularly attractive to women. Unfortunately, waxing, like epilation, is on very hairy parts of the body like the chest especially painful. If used incorrectly, the hair roots can also grow in, which in turn leads to small inflammatory reactions (Pimple formation) come to the skin. That would be the somewhat more pleasant alternative to waxing Sugaring, in which the chest hairs are removed in the direction of growth using a sugar paste.

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They can also be found in drug stores and perfumeries special hair removal creams, with which chest hair can be removed easily and without pain. This type of hair removal is popular with many men and ensures soft, smooth skin for up to 3 days. There allergic reaction However, the cream should be applied beforehand on a hair-free area of ​​skin (Back of hand, elbow) tried out and observed for at least 24 hours. If allergic reactions such as severe pimples, redness, itching or oozing occur, another method of hair removal should be considered and, in severe cases, a doctor should be consulted.

A completely different alternative to waxing and shaving is the Permanent hair removal. This is based on the principle that the Hair roots destroyed by external stimuli becomes. The three most common methods of permanent hair removal are: the Laser treatment, the IPL (Intense pulsed light) as well as the Electro epilation. As the name suggests, these applications gradually ensure permanent hairlessness. Disadvantage of all three methods: they are very expensive.

Laser beams have been used successfully for a long time against annoying hairs on the chest, legs and in the genital area. The hair is "burned" at its roots by the heat of the bundled light pulses from the laser. This is noticeable as a brief, pinching pain during treatment. Bit by bit, in several sessions, each hair removed individually and a regrowth can be permanently prevented. Dark hair on light skin is particularly suitable for laser treatment.

The IPL procedure is a modern further development of laser epilation (see above) and is currently a much sought-after alternative. In contrast to the laser, an more extensive light energy used with the several hairs at the same time can be captured and desolated. Advantages of this hair removal method are one painlessness, as well as the protection of the surrounding tissue. IPL devices for home use have also recently been available. However, since laser treatments have different effects on every skin type and color, you should always do one before use Consultation with an expert doctor respectively.

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