The fat burner diet


The inventors of this form of nutrition believe Obesity be the body's response to you Lack of vital substances.
They assume that in this situation the body is not able to break down fat.
So-called Fat burner fed. These substances are supposed to get the fat loss going again. For example, it is claimed that a seaweed bath in the evening can continue to have an effect while you sleep and break down fat deposits.
The production of the body's own "fat burners" should also be stimulated.
What is meant here are the hormone Glucagon (Antagonist of insulin) and the growth hormone from the thyroid gland.

  • seaweed
  • Seaweed
  • Brewer's yeast and medicinal teas how
  • Mate tea or pu-erh tea are used.

Exotic fruits are recommended and primarily foods with low, glycemic index.
There are fat burner diets that follow the sensible nutritional concept D.eutschen Gsociety for E.rnutrition (DGE) and sell the recommended foods as fat burners.
Others consist mostly of soups and fruit. These are low-fat and low-salt mixed costs that give preference to foods with a low glycemic index. Continue to be Food supplements like brewer's yeast or seaweed Recommended as a fat burner.
Most fat burner diets underestimate the need for more exercise for successful weight loss.
There is usually a lack of sophisticated sports programs and suggestions for more exercise in everyday life
Food supplements of various kinds are recommended.
Hardly any value is placed on long-term changes in diet and changes in eating and exercise habits over the long term.
“Fast fat removal” is often the focus. The effectiveness of so-called "fat burners" can be questioned.
The fact that foods such as fruits and vegetables that are cheap for losing weight are assigned to the fat burners gives existing facts a new name.

Instructions for the fat burner diet

A general instructions There is no such thing as a fat burner diet, as various foods and dietary supplements are preferred as fat burners, depending on the author and belief.
Exact Instructions for individual diets can be found in Book form, as DVD or in Internet. If you are interested in a fat burner diet, you should compare the various diets to find the one that suits you best and that is most easily integrated into everyday life.

The general rule is that with a radical change in diet Consultation with a doctor should be kept.

How does the fat burner diet work?

There will be mostly foods with one low glycemic index consumed. Overall you should high in fiber and low in fat feed. In foods like Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes and potatoes you are allowed to do it eat full. Cheese up to a maximum of 45% fat Tr. is also allowed in moderation.

There are two to three servings of eggs, meat and fish per week allowed. In addition, one should do the so-called Fat burner (various algae, exotic fruits and other foods with vital substances with supposed "Slimming enzymes“) To take. Also Food supplements are provided in the diet plan.

The diet offers a comparatively large scope, even if a variety of foods like Excludes sweets, alcohol or white flour products are. To make the diet as balanced as possible one should go on different recipes and forms of preparation To fall back on.

In principle one is care with all necessary nutrients as part of the diet possible, therefore it can be maintained for any length of time until the desired weight loss has occurred. However, one should make sure that the supplied Amount of protein not too low is because otherwise a Loss of muscle mass takes place.

Diet plan

The diet in the fat burner diet is based primarily on a healthy mixed diet made up of lots of fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain products.

The concept of Fat burner diet is based on one low-fat mixed food (Mixed diets) with lots of high-fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Above all, foods with a low glycemic index are chosen that do not cause the blood sugar level to rise too much after eating. Thus, the opponents of insulin predominate, that Glucagon and growth hormone, which, according to the theory of the fat burner diet, allow fat tissue to be broken down more quickly.
The so-called fat burners are varied depending on the individual concept and author. Depending on the author, the recipes contain many exotic fruits, seaweed, algae, mate tea, brewer's yeast and many more.
Also Food supplements are often an integral part of the diet.
The theory of the fat burner diet has not been scientifically proven, so it can be assumed that the weight loss is more due to the low-fat and high-fiber basis of the diet and less due to the fat-melting effect of the so-called fat burners or dietary supplements.
Sports is often not a fixed part the fat burner diet what a common Point of criticism is because exercise is usually of great importance in maintaining the desired body weight.


The principle of the fat burner diet is based on the fact that certain foods contain substances that stimulate the body's own fat burning.
The recipes for the fat burner diet are based primarily on these foods. Depending on the concept and author, a large number of recipes can be found on the Internet or in special cookbooks. However, the basis is always a low-fat and high-fiber mixed diet. Whole grain products, vegetables, fruit, legumes and potatoes form the basis of the fat burner diet, supplemented by so-called fat burners. These differ depending on the concept. Some diets focus on exotic fruits such as pineapple or papaya, others on lamb's lettuce, spinach or seaweed. Often, food supplements such as pu-erh tea or carnitine are also taken.

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Where Can I Find Good Fat Burner Diet Recipes?

There are numerous on the subject of fat burner diets Retail guide. In addition to important information about diet changes, many books also contain recipes.

Even faster and above all free one can find out about different Internet forums Provide access to recipes. Under the keyword “fat burner diet” you can already find corresponding results via Google search. You can also expand the search and search for “low fat recipes”.

In addition, you can many recipes with small changes already Suitable for a diet by replacing cream with low-fat yogurt, for example. The less radical the change, the easier it is to stick to a diet.

Fat burner drinks

Protein shakes can also be used during a fat burner diet and replace a meal.

Fat burner drinks is available as a powder for mixing with water in various price ranges from pharmacies, drugstores or the Internet.
Usually it is Protein powder with different flavors and additives, being a Protein shake to replace a main meal.
According to user experience, the taste to be assessed as very different depending on the product. According to experience reports, the drinks are relatively filling and can replace a meal every now and then if you don't have time to prepare a healthy dish.
In the long term or in the form of a cure in which only the drink is consumed over several days and weeks, the Drink very monotonous, however and often the yo-yo effect sets in after the end of the cure, as all food has been omitted.
Are an alternative homemade fat burner drinks in the form of homemade smoothies. Various are suitable for this Fruits and vegetablesthat can be made into a smoothie with a simple hand blender and a little water. There are a variety of recipes with fruits and vegetables that are considered fat burners on the Internet.
Such a drink can be drunk, for example, as a healthy breakfast alternative or as a snack between meals.

How much can I lose weight with the diet?

How much you can lose weight by changing your diet is difficult to determine. This mainly depends on the Starting weight from and how high that achieved daily Calorie deficit is.

Who in addition to nutrition more exercise or sport can still be built into his everyday life have greater successes.
Ultimately, it is also decisive how long the new diet will last. Who has a maintains a smaller deficit for a longer period of time, decreases more slowly but steadily and runs less risk of falling back into old patterns out of frustration and gaining weight again.

A decrease from one half to one kilo is quite realistic.

How can I avoid the yo-yo effect with this diet?

Of the dreaded "yo-yo effect" after a diet describes the phenomenon of having lost kilos back on your hips after a while and even more Gain weight. The return to old eating habits and one is responsible for this Excess calories. Only a fraction of this is due to the fact that the body simply has less energy expenditure due to the weight loss (after all, less mass now has to be heated).

Become Avoid the yo-yo effect would like to, must also be careful not to consume more energy than is used in the future.
On the one hand, this can be done via the nutrition and on the other hand about the average physical activity control, you can increase your energy consumption through exercise. Especially through Strength training irritated muscles are real energy guzzlers and burn also in Idle state additionally energy.

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What are the side effects of the fat burner diet?

The fat burner diet is basically a balanced mixed diet that relies on a high-fiber, low-fat diet. Critical should be seen in the context of the low protein content of the diet. With the exception of a few meals, this essential nutritional component is avoided.
In order to is missing not only one important source of energy, but also amino acids, which is necessary to maintain and build muscle mass and connective tissue. Especially at reduced calorie intake one should get the body with enough proteins supply to valuable To maintain muscle mass and instead tap into fat reserves.

For many people, the diet also means a significant change in their diet and many foods that are otherwise on the menu are eliminated. For some it can Omission of sweets or white flour products even to symptoms of one Sugar withdrawal to lead. This includes physical Weakness, dizziness, fatigue and mood swings.
However, these symptoms should be overcome after a few days because the body still gets enough sugar from food through whole grain products, vegetables and fruits.

In addition, you should pay attention to a low-fat diet get enough healthy fats. Otherwise there will be a Disruption of body functions and the hormonal system. The healthy, so-called unsaturated fatty acids are found in fish, nuts and vegetable oils, so these foods should be on the menu regularly.

Criticism of the fat burner diet

Unfortunately, the fat burner diets defy any scientific basis. There are no proving Studies for the effects the vital substances and foods that are additionally supplied with the diet. This may lead to investments in supposed miracle drugs that actually have no noticeable effect in weight loss.

It can, however, become a Weight loss come when through the changed diet a decreased calorie intake is achieved. The high-fiber and mostly low-fat diet occurs quickly Satiety something that is often missing in many diet concepts.
In addition, foods with a low glycemic index (like the ones recommended here) provoke a slower rise in blood sugar levels. In order to there are no strong fluctuations in blood sugarthat for many people who want to lose weight Food cravings to lead.

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When it comes to diets, it is often touted that you can "eat your fill" from foods such as whole grain products, potatoes and vegetables rich in carbohydrates. Fruit in particular naturally has a high intrinsic sugar content and therefore a comparatively high number of calories. So it should be noted that one too Too much this supposedly healthy food a Excess calories can deliver that hinders weight loss.

So it is absolutely possible to lose weight with the fat burner diet, which is mainly due to the change in diet and Not to the Specialty foods or even Fat burner pills. Especially such "miracle pills" should be viewed critically, as they usually come with unrealistic advertising promises lure and are very expensive.

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Do Fat Burner Capsules & Pills Do What They Promise?

Fat burner capsules promise consumers an alleged effect, even if the accustomed diet is continued. There are, however no scientifically proven effect the miracle pills.

A long-term healthy weight loss is and remains only the result of one thing Deficit in caloric intake and one Increase in energy consumption as part of a balanced diet.

If the need for a change in diet is not indicated when taking such capsules, it is simply a question of Consumer deception and moneymaking. Especially with pills from the Internetwhose exact production and ingredients cannot be traced with certainty special caution required.

Medical evaluation of the diet by

Out scientific point of view is there no evidence that the food or dietary supplements advertised as fat burners have an additional effect to have weight loss. The profit made by the industry is therefore to be viewed critically, as is the Consumer deception through the "miracle effect" of the fat burner.

Critical is the low protein intake As part of the diet, in addition to meat and fish, there should also be enough legumes or other sources of protein on the menu. Also healthy fats are allowed as part of a balanced diet not missing. This gives the body all the important nutrients it needs.
It is also used as part of the fat burner diet too little encouraged to exercise. If you want to increase your body's consumption and really want to lose love handles instead of muscle mass, you should consider endurance and strength training in addition to everyday exercise.

From a medical point of view, there are few points of criticism of this diet per se. Rate it positively but you can without a doubt that Changeover the diet on a high-fiber, low-fat diet.

Out psychological point of view It should also be mentioned that the person who wants to lose weight may miss certain foods such as sweets or fatty foods. Around Food cravings and to avoid loss of motivation, you shouldn't cross all dishes that you really like from the plan. Furthermore, the permitted foods no guarantee of weight lossbecause you also get through too many calories in healthy foods increases.

What alternatives are there to the fat burner diet?

In addition to the fat burner diet, there are simple mixed diets that get by without expensive special foods and capsules and are at least as effective. The principle of all diets is a calorie intake that is below the calorie consumption of the body. The organism thus begins to tap into the body's energy reserves.

There are diets that impose numerous restrictions on those who want to lose weight.These include, for example, the low carb diets or the Strunz diet or mono diets such as the cabbage soup diet. Without a doubt, success is great if all guidelines are strictly adhered to. First you lose a large amount of water, which is due to the reduced intake of carbohydrates. This is of course very motivating when starting a diet. By eliminating carbohydrates, sweets or beverages containing calories, which may previously have been an integral part of the diet, you consume fewer calories than before and end up in a deficit.

However, it must be noted here that the weight is stored in the body again very quickly in the form of water after the end of the diet. A return to the original diet can also result in weight gain if more calories are consumed than the body consumes.

So-called mixed diets are extremely flexible. All foods are allowed as long as you end up below your daily energy consumption. Weight Watchers measures this through a points system, but even more accurate is calorie counting.
So if you are not only looking for a short-term crash diet with the greatest possible weight loss, but also want to lose weight steadily and in the long term and maintain your dream weight, you should look for a form of nutrition that suits your own lifestyle.

Another alternative is the water diet. Together with the targeted training plan and a balanced diet, you can lose around 2 kilos within a week. Read more about this under: Water Diet.

What is the cost of a fat burner diet?

Eating a balanced diet and eating healthy foods is actually not associated with high costs. Of course, this depends on whether you use regional or eco-labeled products or not. Industrially processed foods with a long list of ingredients can sometimes be a lot more expensive than self-prepared foods. The costs of a healthy lifestyle can be even lower here.

The fat burner foods are mostly exotic foods that can be purchased in special shops or even sold by drugstores and pharmacies. The costs are further increased by supposedly necessary dietary supplements.

If one assumes that the real secret of fat burner diets lies in a balanced diet, the prices for the "miracle cures" are in no way justified, especially since they have not been scientifically proven at all.

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