Consequences of drugs


Many people understand by Drugs only the illegal substances and arrange alcohol and nicotine not in the same category.
Therefore, only illegal drugs are dealt with in this article. The legal substances are however en masse in the population and consumed with consequences.

The most popular illegal drugs are cannabis, Amphetamines and MDMA.

Cannabis is the botanical name for that Hemp plant. The Flowers of the female plant will be as marijuana (also weed or grass) and the pressed one resin of the plant as hashish (also hash or shit) mostly consumed smoking. Oral intake is also possible.

Amphetamines (also speed or pep) are chemically manufactured drugsmainly used at parties. They have a strong stimulating effect and make the consumer alert and focused.

MDMA is also a synthetically produced substance that, strictly speaking is one of the amphetamines, however, be through extended spectrum of activity is often categorized individually. MDMA is usually the main component of EcstasyPills (also called parts), which however often also contain other substances.
This is always the case with consumption extreme caution required because the exact composition mostly not known.
MDMA can also be consumed in powder form (then referred to as "molly") or as crystals. Most commonly, users deliver the substance orally.

In Germany, all substances mentioned are subject to the Narcotics Act and the Selling, buying and owning will be prosecuted.

General consequences

Consequences of cannabis

The consequences of cannabis use mainly affect the psyche

Especially that contained in female cannabis plants THC is responsible for the effect on the consumer. It is a so-called Cannabinoidwhich psychotropic works, i.e. influences the psyche.
The cannabinoids act directly through certain Receptors in the brain and thus cause the Intoxication effect.

The high can vary greatly depending on the consumer. He's not just from the health and mental health, but also from Active ingredient content that affects drugs.
The cannabinoids activate this in the brain Reward center, what a euphoric mood triggers.
The psychotropic effect shows (to varying degrees) by a Change of consciousness with the often profound Trains of thought, erratic thinking and Short term memory disorders stand in the foreground.

All of these symptoms can be perceived as positive and relaxing. However, there is also the possibility that the intoxication turns into negative and fear, sadness or mistrust triggers. The (physical) toxicity of cannabis can hardly be assessed in real terms because the presumed lethal dose for humans extremely high and cannot be achieved through normal consumption (whether inhaled or orally).
There is no known known death from an overdose, but many exist other health endangering aspects.

So they can Respiratory system by smoking cannabis damaged become. Often, for example, marijuana is mixed with tobacco and smoked as a joint.
The lung strain from a joint is about as great as would 3-5 cigarettes be smoked. Since cannabis users generally consume less than normal smokers, the potential for damage to the lungs is generally classified as lower than that of smokers.

There is also between Cannabis Use and Schizophrenia a negative association. This means that consuming the First expression affect (or accelerate) the disease or the symptoms of existing schizophrenia worsen can.

In various scientific studies it was also found that it increases with prolonged consumption cognitive limitations (slight mental retardation) can occur, which however disappear for weeks after the consumption is stopped.

Cannabis has, even if only to a small extent, psychological dependency potential. It was also possible to use imaging techniques Changes in the nervous system detected by cannabis users.

Consequences of amphetamines (speed, pep)

Amphetamine is a chemical drug that stimulates the release of the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and norepinephrine in the brain Dopamine causes.
This is where the substance works stimulating and driving, appetite reducing and euphoric. Of the Sympathetic, Part of the vegetative (involuntary) nervous system is activated indirectly.

In addition to the supposedly positive aspects of intoxication, namely the increased alertness and ability to concentrate, the activation of the nervous system also brings clearly negative symptoms. It often comes to

  • Racing heart
  • high blood pressure
  • Sweats
  • Urinary retention
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • and seizures

The euphoria and the increased self-confidence can go into one increased willingness to take risks envelopes associated with the decreased pain sensation can induce daring actions.

The consequences of chronic drug use are more of a psychological nature: Amphetamines have a high psychological dependence potential. They lead to one in the long run

  • unhealthy weight loss
  • sleep disorders
  • Kidney damage
  • Tendency to psychosis
  • and possibly to erectile dysfunction

The lethal dose lies with adults at 1.3 mg / kg Body weight, although repeated consumption can lead to a development of tolerance.

Consequences of MDMA (Ecstasy)

MDMA (Ecstasy) is one synthetically manufactured drug the one pronounced psychological effect on the consumer shows which on the distribution of Serotonin (often also called "Happiness hormone”), Norepinephrine and small amounts of dopamine.

According to different experts, the intoxication manifests itself in one empathogenic effect or a change in social perception. An empathogenic impact profile is characterized by increased empathy (Empathy), both towards others and towards yourself.

Own feelings are perceived more intensely, which is why the Circumstances in which MDMA is taken play a major role. The change in social perception is characterized by the fact that negative attitudes of other people are less recognized and especially positive actions reinforced become.

The substance is found mainly as Party drug Use because it has an activating effect (e.g. increases the desire to dance) and has a euphoric effect.
The drug reduced also the appetite, leads to an acceleration of the heartbeat up to Racing heart, dilates the pupils, does that Mouth dry and sometimes leads to undesirable side effects such as Muscle spasms, Sweats and Dehydration, nausea and Vomit or to one depressed mood after the effect has subsided. This can only occur a few days after consumption (so-called "midweek blues") and is on a relative basis Serotonin deficit in the central nervous system.

It's just extreme few deaths attributed to an MDMA overdose alone. Often finds Mixed consumption with other drugs instead of that then life-threatening interactions can trigger.
The information for a lethal dose fluctuate between 5 and 20 times the single dose (50-100mg).

The Dependency potential is small, but not to be underestimated. Because with ecstasy / MDMA there is only a very low rate physical Dependency (such as alcohol addiction or heroin addiction), but the emergence of a mental Dependency is very possible: The euphoric feeling described above can certainly lead to more frequent consumption, which then has the result that the organic brain damage in particular can be potentiated.

The most dangerous acute consequence of ecstasy use is that Overheating (Hyperthermia) and the Dehydration (Dehydration) of the body while partying and dancing, as it can lead to organ failure, coma or even to the Can lead to death. For this reason, it is extremely important to drink adequate water while you are high.

Drug Use During Pregnancy

Should be in pregnancy absolutely all drugs, whether legal or illegal, are avoided. The child must be guaranteed natural development without any additional harmful substances hindering their growth.

Cannabis in pregnancy

So far it could not properly clarified what the real consequences of cannabis use during pregnancy are.
This is also the small amount of women owed in scientific studies due to the Consumption During Pregnancy could be included, which is basically a positive aspect.

One has to assume, however, that the number of unreported cases of cannabis-consuming pregnant women is higher than the currently known numbers.
Even if the evidence is inconclusive, there are indications that the Consumption favors a high-risk pregnancy with complications and possibly one Premature birth caused.

It is also assumed that the birth weight of the growing child and his later Speech and memory abilities reduced become.

Also between Learning difficulties of children and the mother's cannabis use during pregnancy could be shown.

Although all of this seems to be relatively vague statements, pregnant women are essential discourage consumption.
That alone tobaccowhich is added in most cases harmful to the baby. Get in when you smoke, with or without tobacco toxic substances in the bloodstream that are in no way good for the child.

Amphetamines and MDMA in pregnancy

Amphetamines and MDMA are combined here due to their similar effects and damage profiles.
So far, even with the stimulating substances no generally applicable consequential damage To be defined.

However, amphetamine and MDMA users are more common Miscarriages and premature births before, which is why a strict Waiver on these or similar substances to recommend is.
A study also showed an increased rate physical malformations can be established, although the number of cases considered is too small to establish general validity.

Consequences of drugs in adolescents

Consequences of cannabis in adolescents

An important phase of personality development is passed through in adolescence. The more vulnerable adolescents are to long-term effects and addiction from drug use.

For people in adolescence they are Effects of drugs more extensive than in adults. This also applies to the consumption of cannabis.

Especially before the age of 16 the young people go through a phase of development, in which far-reaching changes take place in your body, psyche and brain. You are at this time particularly susceptible to interferencethat can then leave a lasting impact on you.

The Personality of a person becomes authoritative in the Shaped adolescence. Since cannabis use affects the brain metabolism, it also has effects on a wide variety of things Aspects of the psyche, such as the Feeling.
The Perception gradually flattens out with increased consumption and young people run the risk of missing important points in their development.

In addition, with early and long-term consumption, the Risk of becoming dependent or to become dependent on other substances. The likelihood of adolescents consuming also increases mental abnormalities develop. The First manifestation of schizophrenia According to experts, it starts much earlier if cannabis is consumed in adolescence.

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Consequences of amphetamines and MDMA in adolescents

The damaging effects of MDMA on various areas of the brain has been part of many scientific studies. It was found that the CellsMDMA works on through consumption be harmed.

Especially in the development of the brain, as it takes place in adolescence, optimal conditions are essential for a positive course. So can just that Volume losscaused by drug use, too Disorders in development lead that not fixed again can be.

Consequences of drugs and alcohol

Consequences of alcohol and cannabis

The combination of cannabis and alcohol is probably the most popular most widespread type of mixed consumption. The Single effects the two substances are often consumed in parallel reinforced.

There is then a strong one Decrease in physical performance, an extreme one Decrease in responsiveness as well as one Decrease in mental performance.

The measure of controlled consumption can be lost due to the effects of both substances. It is often reported that in an alcoholic state the Effect of alcohol subjectively increases stronglyif cannabis is also consumed.

The result is not uncommon Dizziness, nausea and Vomit. In the worst case, the heavy load on the circulatory system leads to a collapse.

Of the Male cat, which most people feel the next morning after consuming (excessive) alcohol, can also be caused by mixed consumption be reinforced.

Consequences of alcohol and amphetamines

The mixed consumption of amphetamines and alcohol can very dangerous be. By consuming the stimulating substance, the Warning signalsthat the body sends out when drunk, decreased.

After direct consumption, the consumer feels less influenced by the alcohol (more sober), although this is not the case. As part of this Misperception it can lead to dangerously high alcohol consumption or even to one Alcohol poisoning come. The amphetamine makes the consumer awake, but it can Impairment of the ability to reactwhich is caused by the alcohol cannot compensate.

Consequences of alcohol and MDMA

The mixed consumption of alcohol and MDMA can very dangerous be for the consumer. The Dehydration (Dehydration) of the body is additionally intensified by the consumption of both substances. Of the Alcohol removes water from the bodywhich is noticed by the increased urge to urinate and thirst the morning after. The MDMA causes profuse sweatingbecause the body is activated and the user is motivated to exercise too much. In the worst case, the combination of these two knitting patterns leads to one Overheating (Hyperthermia) and Dehydration of the bodywhich in massive Circulatory problems, but also in Faint, Organ failure (Especially liver and kidneys are additionally burdened by the mixed consumption), coma or death can end. As with the amphetamines MDMA reduces the subjective effects of alcohol and can to Nausea and vomiting to lead.

Effects of drugs on the nervous system

Effects of cannabis on the nervous system

A reduction in the size of certain areas of the brain has been observed in people who regularly use cannabis. This e.g. impaired memory function.

The effects of drugs on the nervous system are still there Part of ongoing research. Some observations have already been made which are related to the consumption of the substance.

Of the Hippocampus, the brain region responsible for memory is in cannabis users scaled downfrom which a general Deterioration in memory functions results. The receptors that cannabis THC binds to play an important role in the development of the brain. Therefore are especially youngsters affected by the negative changes in the nervous system.

It could be in different areas of the brain Volume decrease and loss of functionality to be watched.

Effects of amphetamines and MDMA on the nervous system

Due to the degree of relationship between the two substances and the frequent mixed or parallel consumption, the effects of both substances on the nervous system have been highlighted in many studies.

In many cases it has been observed that the party drugs lead to a decrease in brain tissue in the anterior lobe (prefrontal cortex) and in the hippocampus (memory function).

The anterior lobe is responsible for decision making and personality. The users who had extensive experience with the drugs also had poor memory performance, made poorer decisions in tests, and had decreased impulse control.

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Consequences of drug driving

It is fundamental forbidden and also we strongly advise against itTo get behind the wheel of drugs of any kind.
The effect of different substances mostly restricts the fitness to drive massively and thus leads to a increased risk of accidents. Above all, the ability to drive is negatively influenced by the consumption of alcohol and cannabis.

The perception, the Responsiveness and the Attention strongly decrease. The supposedly focusing effect of amphetamines can also have negative effects behind the wheel - namely when the Focus on things other than road traffic lies. In addition to the health consequences for the consumer, passengers or other road users, driving under the influence of drugs also has legal consequences. If the substance can be detected in the urine or blood, the driver usually has to use the

  • Withdrawal of his driving license (min. 1 month)
  • a fine and the
  • compulsory participation in an MPU (medical-psychological examination)

Also regular drug tests, for example over a year, can be initiated.