Mydocalm® is a centrally acting, non-sedating muscle relaxant. This means it is a muscle relaxant that works in the brain but does not affect mental performance.
The active ingredient is called tolperisone.


Mydocalm® is a Sodium channel blockers. These channels are responsible for passing on information to the annoy involved. If these channels are now blocked, pain or spasmodic information can occur no longer forwarded become.

Similar drugs

There are multiple productswhich, like Mydocalm®, contain the active ingredient tolperisone. This includes generic manufacturers in particular. The drugs are then usually called "Tolperisone XY", where XY is the brand name, e.g. "Tolperisone HEXAL".

Products that can also be used for tension are e.g. Baclofen or Sirdalud®the latter also causing fatigue.

application areas

Mydocalm® inhibits nerve conduction.

Mydocalm® is at painful tension of the muscles used. These can for example by Posture errors or Back pain be caused. Even with so-called Spasticity, so persistent Muscle spasms, for example after a stroke Mydocalm® can be used.

However, Mydocalm® has only been officially approved in Germany since 2012 Cramping after a stroke and no longer with back pain. The approval for the treatment of back pain was withdrawn in 2012, as the drug studies on effectiveness date from the 1960s and 70s and therefore no longer meet today's standards.
However, many doctors have many years of good experience in the treatment of back pain with Mydocalm®, so that the withdrawal of the approval is not without controversy. In other European countries, especially Switzerland, Mydocalm® continues to be successful at Back pain also officially used.


Depending on Strength of the complaints become between 150 and 450mg Mydocalm® per day prescribed. However, since Mydocalm® only works for a relatively short time, the drug must three times a day be taken.
This results in doses of 3x50mg to 3x150 mg per day. Since Mydocalm® is usually well tolerated by old people, the dosage in old people must be not adjusted become.


Because it no experiences to the effect in the pregnancy and breast feeding period Mydocalm® should not be taken by expectant and nursing mothers. If, for whatever reason, Mydocalm® was taken during pregnancy, this is it no reason to terminate the pregnancy or to endanger the child through complex measures. A harmful effect on the child is not known, but it cannot be ruled out either.

Myasthenia Gravis Patients must not take Mydocalm®! Myasthenia Gravis is a very rare neurological disorder that is associated with a Muscle weakness goes along.

As with any drug, you can Intolerances occur. Should they be allergic If you notice a reaction or you notice severe side effects, you should use Mydocalm® stop and consult a doctor if necessary.

Mydocalm® is not for children under 15 years authorized.

Side effects

Although Mydocalm® relatively few side effects various undesirable effects can occur. Here those are now listed who at least 0.1% of patients occur, a full list can be found in the package insert.

  • Tiredness, exhaustion and exhaustion
  • dizziness, Drowsiness
  • Gastrointestinal problems like nausea and stomach pain.

Use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

As mentioned earlier, there are no safe experiencethat Mydocalm® is safe in the pregnancy and Lactation can be used, but there is also no reportsthat Mydocalm® harms the child. Therefore Mydocalm® if possible not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In individual cases, however, the doctor may consider the intake to be sensible.

If possible, however, should other means can be used. So can with persistent Back pain also physical therapy, so physiotherapy will move. Furthermore you can classic pain relievers be used. However, this also applies to the Admission during pregnancy to pay attention. In order to briefly relieve tension, you can also exceptionally Diazepam Diazepam, unlike Mydocalm®, makes you sleepy. However, there is for diazepam more experience when taken during pregnancy. Caution is advised as diazepam can be addictive.

If Mydocalm® has been taken by a nursing mother, it is possible that this Child sleepy becomes. This is possible because the child ingests Mydocalm® through breast milk and the Blood-brain barrier is not fully trained in young children. This means that drugs are not used in adults brain arrive, but work there with children.

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