Homeopathy for three days of fever


The funds are suitable for both adults and children. The three-day fever is only very rarely observed in adults.

The funds are suitable for children as tablets or globules. Drops contain alcohol.

At the beginning of an illness it is important to distinguish between sudden and gradual onset.

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If the onset is sudden and violent, one thinks first of all:

Aconitum / blue monkshood

In the first stormy, feverish Phase. Dry, hot skin, frosty showers.

Face lying down redwhen touching down pale. The trigger can be a cold east wind, but it can also be the result of anger and shock. Often starts around the time midnight around. Great anxious restlessness up to panic fear. Often crimson mucous membrane in the throat and oral cavity.

Fast, hard pulse, dry cough, violent thirst. At this stage the disease has not yet localized.

The symptoms get worse in the evening, at night and in the warmth.

In this phase 1 tablet ½ to 1 hourly or 5 drops of D3, at Children D4.

Aconitum requires a prescription up to and including D3.

Belladonna / deadly nightshade

Sudden onset, red head, steaming sweat, which, however, bring no relief. Throbbing pulse that can be felt up to the neck, pupils wide.

The patients sweat profusely but still want to stay covered because otherwise they will freeze. Mucous membranes in the throat dry, crimson and aching.

The body is feverishly hot, Arms and legs cold. Any headaches that may be present are felt unbearable at the slightest shock or when the head hangs down when bending over. Belladonna is often the second remedy after aconite as soon as patients start to sweat.

The symptoms are aggravated by cold, drafts, and excitement.

Prescription up to and including D3!

With gradual onset of the disease

Ferrum phosphoricum

The fever develops slowly, the symptoms are similar to those described for aconite, but there is no restlessness or fear. In children, Ferrum phosphoricum also works particularly well in one beginning otitis media.

The patients are general quickly exhausted, occurs after physical overexertion hoarseness on. Low immune system, tendency to frequent colds, nosebleeds, otitis media, common in children. Generally light types, pale, light-skinned, blue veins.

The patients are alternating pale or red in the face, pulse fast and soft, easily suppressible. Have pain throbbing, pulsating character. One side of the face is often more reddened than the other. Red face and cold feet. Cold all over the body. Stomach pain, vomiting of undigested food, still cravings. Patients may also complain of pain in all muscles and joints, especially in the shoulders.

The symptoms worsen at rest and at night, and improve with light movement.

Gelsemium / False Jasmine

Gelsemium is prescription only until finally D3.

The fever develops slowly within 1 to 2 days. The patient is shivering, shaky drowsiness, chills run down his back, general feeling of exhaustion. Fever with red head, often without thirst. Pulse is usually moderately accelerated and soft.

The symptoms worsen with warmth, sun, movement, fear and shock.

Eupatorium perfoliatum

The fever is highest in the morning, Pain in all Limbs and bones, the whole body hurts. The patient is hot during the day, the face is hot and red, but hardly any sweat. Often chills at night, after a sweat the general condition improves somewhat. Often bigger thirst after cold water, but drinking causes vomiting. Back of the head and eye pain, dizziness.

Echinacea augustifolia

Has a positive effect on them the body's defenses and increases the biological immunity.

Echinacea is popular with many because of its antibacterial properties Infections used. At fever Echinacea can always be given accompanying to increase the immune defense.

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Baptisia / Wild Indigo

High fever, diarrhea, hallucinations as a result of feverish dreams, coated tongue and accelerated pulse.

What is noticeable is the great feeling of defeat. The symptoms worsen in the afternoon.

China / cinchona tree

feverwhich alternates increases and falls, yellowish pallor, much thirst, great general weakness, exhaustion and drowsiness. The patients are appetiteless, also tinnitus and Dizziness.

All complaints made worse by cold, drafts, moisture and touch, at night and by warmth.

Phosphorus / Yellow Phosphorus

Prescription up to and including D3!

Tall, nervous Humans are predestined for Phosphorus. Scary, startled, prone to depression and mental sluggishness. a headache with mental exertion. fever develops creeping, greatly weakens the patient, thereby becoming thirsty. The burning character of all ailments is typical of Phosphorus. The patients don't want to be alone.

Cold and fresh air are poorly tolerated. Improvement through rest and sleep.